Menopause :: The Maharishi Ayurveda Approach to Menopause and HRT

Learn the Maharishi Ayurveda approach to menopause with author and clinician Nancy Lonsdorf M.D.. Dr. Lonsdorf describes how to determine the type of imbalances at the basis of menopausal symptoms and provides practical recommendations to help prevent and alleviate them.

Case Presentation – Staphisagria

When Dr Mathews started his sparkling career at the age of 25 in a small shady room beneath the huge ‘Manor’s’ shopping complex, he awaited patients very anxiously. This practice was required for him to feed 5 members of his family. His first patient, Mr. K aged 30 at that time, came on the first day with complaint of recurrent styes. When Mathews examined his eyes, Mr. K was trembling all over sans any reason. His heart was jumping galore. He seemed to be very nervous. His eyes were dull. He was not willing to talk much. Staph 30 daily one dose for 15 days.

Impotency :: Male Impotency – Caladium Seguinum

Impotency :: Male Impotency – Caladium Seguinum

Impotency, as it stands in Oxford, “unable to have full sex or reach an orgasm”. The very long general belief among the c’mon mass is not the proper term, as there is a candid difference between impotent and infertile. However, the perpetual impotency or a long duration leads to infertility, which is a known fact. The case under review here is a pure case of impotency, which is cured by the use of LM Potency.

Alcoholism :: Homeopathy and Alcoholism

Alcoholism can fall into two separate categories: problem drinking and actual physical dependence on alcohol. Problem drinking is commonly emotional in its roots, whereby the alcoholic uses drink to avoid feeling. Alcohol dependence is where the person needs alcohol in order to function.

Psychological Problems on Increase

A Free Monthly Camp on MENTAL DEPRESSION & PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS was held at OVIHAMS ( Aum Vidya Institute Of Homoeopathy and Allied Medical Sciences) at RL ? 1, Ganga Ram Vatika, Tilak Nagar on SATURDAY the 12th JULY for 3 Hrs. Amongst 23 patients youngest was 4 yrs old child and the eldest was 69 yrs old lady who consulted Prof. Dr. A.K.Gupta Sr. Homoeopath & Director OVIHAMS for their various problems like Sadness, Irritability, Lack of Concentration, Lack of Confidence , Suicidal thoughts, Fear of failure, Anxiety , Depression and Over Expectation etc.

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Rubrics on Infants – at a glance

Extracted from Kent, Boericke, Boenninghausen, and Synthetic Repertory.
BK – Boericke’s Repertory – page no.
BN – Boenninghausen’s Repertory – page no.
KT – Kent’s Repertory – page no.
SR – Synthetic Repertory – page no.
* – See respective repertory for complete list of remedies

Homeopathy :: Repertory Rubric – Changeability *

In the earlier years of homeopathy, Hahnemann and his followers proved many remedies, and carefully recorded the provings’ symptoms. Over the years, provings’ symptomatology started growing with each addition of proving symptoms and new remedies. Then obviously we required some sort of indexing for these homoeopathic provings and materia medicas. Thus was the concept of repertory born – an index to materia medicas and provings.

Menopause :: Mood during Menopause

On approaching menopause, many women do fear falling into profound moodiness. Even doctors believe this can happen. Until 1980, the American Psychiatric Association listed “involutional melancholia” – a mental disorder that supposedly occurred during menopause – in their official directory of psychiatric diagnoses. But the truth is not nearly so frightening, say psychologists from the University of Pittsburgh.