Menopause :: Grapes, Soy and Kudzu Blunt Some Menopausal Side Effects

Menopausal women are at relatively high risk for memory loss, high blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes. A decade ago, the standard treatment for these problems was long-term hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Since then, studies have shown that extensive use of HRT is associated with significant adverse effects.

HRT :: Study confirms no HRT benefit for older women

New evidence published on confirms that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) should not be prescribed to older women who are many years past menopause to help prevent chronic conditions such as heart disease.

Stroke :: Strokes kill 45% more women than men in Canada

Strokes kill 45% more women than men in Canada, according to a new data analysis released by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. And that?s why Canadian women have a strong reason to be aware of the warning signs of stroke, says the Foundation.

Breast Cancer :: Soy estrogens and breast cancer

Are soy products healthy additions to a person?s diet, safe alternatives to hormone-replacement therapy or cancer-causing agents? The answer, according to University of Illinois food science and human nutrition professor William Helferich, is, “It depends.”

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