Case Presentation – Staphisagria

When Dr Mathews started his sparkling career at the age of 25 in a small shady room beneath the huge ‘Manor’s’ shopping complex, he awaited patients very anxiously. This practice was required for him to feed 5 members of his family. His first patient, Mr. K aged 30 at that time, came on the first day with complaint of recurrent styes. When Mathews examined his eyes, Mr. K was trembling all over sans any reason. His heart was jumping galore. He seemed to be very nervous. His eyes were dull. He was not willing to talk much. Staph 30 daily one dose for 15 days.

Mr. K returned after 3 years. This time, Dr Mathews had spread his wings and his clinic was available at 3 other places. Mr. K came and thanked him for helping him to cure the adamant styes. This time, it is problem of constant micturition at night. He said he is emotionally upset. Again Staph 30 daily one dose for 15 days.

Mr. K returned after 5 years. This time, Dr Mathews was a king-sized specialist of much fame. Mr. K came in and instantly Dr. Mathews recognized him.’What is the problem Mr. K’. Mr. K said that he is having colic and gets relieved only on passing flatus. He is unable to tolerate the colic. Again Staph 30 for 15 days.

Mr. K returns after 20 years. Dr Mathews hair had turn grey and so had Mr. K’s. Mr. K was now the last patient in the queue. Sitting before Dr Mathews in a relaxed mood and desiring the recollect the sweet memories, K wants to talk. Dr Mathews said ‘ I will not listen to you my dear Friend’ and gives Staph 30 again. Dr Mathews then chit chats for hours together with without bothering to talk anything of symptoms but only personal stories. Dr Mathews calls K as his luckiest customer because he was his first customer who opened the doors to him to become a millionaire. Everything had changed in the lives of Dr Mathews and Mr. K but not the prescription.

After a week, K thanks him over phone for curing him the nth time in his life ‘I will not forget you Dr Mathews, my savior’

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