Male sweat keeps women happy

So long we knew that men had some impact on women. Now it is said that their perspiration too affects females, psychologically and physiologically.

This is the view of scientists at the University of Pennsylvania and the Mon-ell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. They claim to have found out that exposure to male sweat can brighten women’s moods, reduce tension and enhance the feeling of relaxation.

Besides, it also has direct effect on the release of luteinizing hormone, which influences the length and timing of menstrual cycle.

The results will be published in June in the journal Biology of Reproduction and have currently appeared on the magazine’s website.

“These findings are the first to document mood and neuroendocrine effects of male pheromones on females,” said George Preti, a member of the Monell Center and adjunct professor of dermatology in Penn’s School of Medicine.

The study was led by Preti and colleague Charles J. Wysocki. They took extracts from the underarms of male volunteers and applied them to the upper lip of 18 women aged between 25 to 45. During the, six hours of exposure to the compound, the women were asked to rate their mood using a fixed scale.

The result astonished them. The women reported feeling less tense and more relaxed during exposure to the male extract.


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