Obama convenes UN Security Council Summit on foreign fighters

United States President Barack Obama has convened a summit of UN Security Council in New York today to discuss tough measures including sanctions against foreign fighters and Islamist extremists. According to reports, there are nearly 11,000 foreign fighters from different parts of the world including more than 3000 from European nations alone operating in Syria … Read more

Obama hails contribution of Asian Americans to US

US President Barack Obama has acknowledged that even today a number of people of South Asian origin particularly those from Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities are becoming victims of hate crimes in America. In a presidential proclamation recognising the contribution of Asian-Americans in the socio-political and economic milieu of the country, Obama said generations of … Read more

US President Barack Obama signs trillion dollar budget

U.S. President Barack Obama has signed a spending bill of over one trillion dollars that also includes conditions on continuation of aid to Pakistan. Amendments attached to the bill require a certification from the secretaries of State and Defence that Pakistan is cooperating with the US in counter-terrorism efforts against domestic and foreign terrorist organizations. … Read more

Glendora fire – Colby fire above Glendora burns homes, spews smoke over LA Basin

A wildfire burns in the hills just north of the San Gabriel Valley community of Glendora, Calif. on Thursday, Jan 16. Southern California authorities have ordered the evacuation of homes at the edge of a fast-moving wildfire burning in the dangerously dry foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains. A fast-moving wildfire in the hills above … Read more

American Express to pay $75 million over credit-card practices

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has ordered American Express to pay more than $75 million to settle claims that it charged improper fees and misled its credit card customers over so-called add-on products like identity fraud protection. American Express will have to refund $59.5 million to more than 335,000 consumers over what the bureau called … Read more

San Diego Zoo – Tiger fatally mauls mate

The San Diego Zoo said Monday that a female Malayan tiger was fatally mauled by her intended mate during an attempt to breed. The female tiger, named Tiga Tahun, died Saturday of neck injuries and breathing difficulties, the zoo said. It was the first breeding encounter for either animal, the only Malayan tigers at the … Read more

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