Obama convenes UN Security Council Summit on foreign fighters

United States President Barack Obama has convened a summit of UN Security Council in New York today to discuss tough measures including sanctions against foreign fighters and Islamist extremists.

According to reports, there are nearly 11,000 foreign fighters from different parts of the world including more than 3000 from European nations alone operating in Syria and Iraq. Around 30 percent of them have either returned or are returning to their home countries which is a potential threat to these nations.

Ahead of the summit, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has called for decisive action in support of efforts to confront extremists. He told reporters in New York that these groups pose an immediate threat to international peace and security.

Ban said, while there can be no justification for the barbarity and suffering these groups impose on the Syrian people, any measures taken must be fully in line with the United Nations Charter and international humanitarian law. UN Secretary General added that all efforts should be taken to minimize civilian casualties.

15 member Council is expected to adopt a draft resolution to blacklist and impose stiff sanctions against foreign extremist fighters, fundraisers and recruiters linked to Islamist militant groups in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia and Yemen. The sanctions will result in freezing their assets, ban on travel anywhere in the world and arms embargo among others.

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