Manna Dey passed away at a private hospital in Bangalore

Legendary playback singer Manna Dey passed away at a private hospital in Bangalore following a prolonged illness. Doctors said, 94-year old singer breathed his last at 3.50 AM today. He was suffering from lung infection. Manna Dey has sung more than 3,500 songs in a number languages including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi and Assamese. He … Read more

Ayahuasca by Dr Jawahar Shah

Ayahuasca is a wonderful remedy which can produce the effect as good as that achieved after undergoing long traumatizing sessions of intense psychotherapy. It can be employed as a very important intercurrent remedy or as an opening prescription which opens up the inner feelings of the patient. Every Homeopathic physician should know use this remedy … Read more

Facebook’s mutual-friends feature creates security risks, privacy concerns

The mutual-friends feature on social networks such as Facebook, which displays users’ shared friendships, might not be so “friendly.” Often revered for bringing people together, the mutual-friends feature on Facebook actually creates myriad security risks and privacy concerns according to a University of Pittsburgh study published in Computers & Security. The study demonstrates that even … Read more

Psychology :: Females explain influence of past on future differently than males

A new study finds that young girls and women are more likely to believe that negative past events predict future events, compared to boys and men. And that, according to researchers, may help explain why females have more frequent and intense worries, perceive more risk, have greater intolerance for uncertainty, and experience higher rates of anxiety than males.

Relationship :: High-quality adolescent friendships may come at a cost for youth with shared deviant values

The types of friendships adolescents have often reflect their childhood relationships and predict how they do in the future. In a new study, researchers found that antisocial teenagers’ friendships tend to involve less listening, eye contact, and responsiveness, and that these teens spend more time talking about deviant topics such as substance abuse and breaking the law.

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