Psychological Problems on Increase

A Free Monthly Camp on MENTAL DEPRESSION & PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS was held at OVIHAMS ( Aum Vidya Institute Of Homoeopathy and Allied Medical Sciences) at RL ? 1, Ganga Ram Vatika, Tilak Nagar on SATURDAY the 12th JULY for 3 Hrs. Amongst 23 patients youngest was 4 yrs old child and the eldest was 69 yrs old lady who consulted Prof. Dr. A.K.Gupta Sr. Homoeopath & Director OVIHAMS for their various problems like Sadness, Irritability, Lack of Concentration, Lack of Confidence , Suicidal thoughts, Fear of failure, Anxiety , Depression and Over Expectation etc.

Children having indifferent behaviour , Irritability, Bed Wetting, Hyperactivity, Obstinacy etc. Dr Gupta, Recipient of International award of the Millennium also gave free medicines to them. In today?s scenario of the fast competitive life the Expectations have grown multifold and non fulfillment of ambition right from the School Children to the well educated and qualified Executives and Professionals experience the pinch and do suffer from mild masked depression, frustration to Acute Mental Depression said Dr. Gupta , the author of The Problem Child and Homoeopathy.

In the camp young students were found to suffer from lack of concentration and Inferiority complex, one girl suffered Recurrent episodes of Acute depression due to witnessing the regular fights and violent behaviour of her parents. Another lady was becoming paranoid due to her In- laws dealings and tried to commit suicide despite of having a very understanding and caring husband, she said that she cannot control her anger though she knows that it is not right step when told about the future of her children. Dr.Gupta member of the Advisory committee Govt. of NCT Delhi said that people suffer because they expect too much, without realizing the other side of the picture they have one way of thinking and are more self centered. He advised that if one practices little patience, light exercises, Regular Balanced diet and use of Yoga and Meditation van help a person incombating these problems. He emphasized that Homeopathic constitutional treatment and counseling has given very good results in dealing with such type of cases in his practice. He further cautioned that use of Drugs, Intoxicants and self medication in the form of Sedatives, Tranquilisers and Anti Depressents can be harmfull . Anxiety Neurosis, O.C.D., M.D.P. and Mood swings , Depression etc. are increasing at a alarming rate and people of all age group and walks of life are getting afflicted by them. Contacting a qualified Homoeopath or a Psychiatrist is the most appropriate thing to be done if one comes across such problems. Marital Disharmony, Failure, Frustration, Boredom, Ego Clash, Insult, Rage and Grudge can bring host of such problems. For further information or advise Tel : 25430368,25936960. Website-

OVIHAMS, Medical Centre with a difference, is the only one of it?s kind which aims to provide Integrated Services to the needy patients under one roof with Holistic Approach. The best feature of these free camps is that the patients who avail the services of these camps are given special concession in their further treatment, so that the proper Follow up of the case and treatment can be done judiciously. As such OVIHAMS is committed to provide the best medical care for the betterment of the suffering patients for their Acute and Chronic Diseases with all Specialities according to the requirement and suitability of the patients.

(Coordinator OVIHAMS)