Sciatica :: Sciatica – Lachesis

Mrs. J. K. aet. 42. For six weeks has had stiffness and aching in lumbar region on rising or sitting down. Now confined to bed by throbbing, quivering, soreness, numbness and shooting pains down right sciatic nerve to foot, which feels as if she were stepping on a stone, and the thigh as if lying on rocks; pains agg. on outside of thigh. Aching in right calf on standing and right sole burns.

Menses profuse, with backache and hydroae or aphthae. Leucorrhea causes itching. Sleeps in catnaps.

Easy fatigue in hot weather.

Thirsty. No appetite.

Nervous, weepy and restless.

Hot flashes.

Aggravation: Morning and evening. Pressure of clothes. Before storms. Trifles.

Amelioration: Rubbing. Motion. Heat, locally.

1929-12-26. Rx. Lachesis 200 one dose. Better in five days and in ten days entirely well.

Parkersburg, W. VA.

Clinical case of Sciatica by C. M. Boger
from C. M. Boger, Collected Writings
Edited by Robert Bannan

Source: Simon King

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