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Mr. S. K. aged 50 years, had a varicose ulcer on right leg about 3″ above the inner malleolus. He had much swollen varicose veins on the right leg for a long time. The ulcer had formed about a fortnight ago. There was copious bleeding from the ulcer when the patient used to stand up and used to exert pressure of the body weight.

First consultation ….16 – 01 – 1997

On the day the patient visited my clinic (16 – 01 – 1997) the bleeding was much aggravated.

. The skin of the leg has become almost black in a large area around the ulcer and mottled all over the leg.
. Itching all around the ulcer.
. Pain in the ulcer which used to in the ulcer.

– Lachesis 200 continued as above.

21 – 9 – 2001 The wound of the varicose ulcer dried up and healed.

– Lachesis 200 continued as above.

30 – 10 – 2001 There is further >. The discoloration of the skin much improved. There was improvement in the swelling of the varicose veins too.

The patient stopped the treatment and has not come back again.

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