Homeopathy :: Learn to fear Homeopathy before practice

In our childhood days we are taught by our parents to be afraid of bad things – bad works, bad thoughts and bad actions. We learn moral themes from schools from our teachers. We observe people around us why they go to pray to temples, mosques and churches. We ask our parents – ‘Oh father and mother! who is God? what does he want from us? what he will give to us’ Our parents answer everything. When we settle in our life, we know what is good and what is bad and what we should do, what we should not.

There is still one thing in this world which our poor parents cannot teach us, our poor teachers cannot teach us. Our lecturers in homeopathic college also do not know fully. The lesson is Learn to fear homeopathy before learning homeopathy.

The first lesson in college on the first day of homeopathic lesson should be ‘Dear Students: – Do not take any homeo medicine right now for any of your troubles’.

Many students have proved the medicines and suffered. No body could help them. They looked helplessly at their teachers but nobody could help them while they proved or consumed something they should not have. When they completed their college, their health is lost. Pity to them and pity to their parents who brought them up.

Our first and foremost request to the teachers of the college: – Humbly request: – Please do not prescribe to the students do not encourage students to take any medicine. Let them understand the subject fully. Teach them how the materia medica is developed. It is developed by giving potency to provers who have suffered like anything. Whole materia medica is the language of suffering provers.

They should know how to practice the system safety and properly.

Dr. Kadam Khan

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