Varicose :: A Case of Varicose Veins – Stramonium

Mr. S.A. of 65 years consulted us first on 13/2/2000 with the complaint of varicose veins from which he has been suffering since 15 years. He is a businessman and his work involves standing throughout the day. He is of medium height, average built, fair complexion, very neat & tidy in his dress & appearance.

Presenting complaints:
Varicose veins in right lower limb since 15 years. Painful since last few days, > hot fomentation. While showing his varicose veins he kept on rubbing it slowly.

Treatment taken:
Has taken much homoeopathic treatment for many years (lycopodium, calc fluor, pulsatilla etc in many potencies). Has been advised surgery but wants to avoid it.

Past illnesses:
Typhoid when in class V
Right-sided inguinal hernia operated 7-8 years back.
Operated for B.H.P. 7-8 years back (urine was coming slowly for a few days & then stopped suddenly)

Family history:
2 sons – Both alcoholics since a young age.
One son & one daughter have had Pulmonary Koch’s.
One daughter operated for ovarian cysts.

Personal history:
Married for 46 years; no history of addictions; has left non-vegetarian food since few years.

Appetite: Takes meals on time; cannot wait – if meal delayed has flatulence.
Thirst: More in summers, less in winters; wants cold water.
Desires: Sweets+++, Milk+, Curd+, and Butter+.
Aversion: —
Bowels: Regular & normal
Urine: Normal
Sleep: Sleeps only for 4-5 hours; on sides; snoring; IN LIGHT (at least one bulb has to be switched on while sleeping)
Dreams: Nothing significant.
Perspiration: Normal
Thermal reaction: Ambithermal

Life and circumstances:
Has worked very hard from a young age & started his own business which is now running successfully. His elder son has separated amicably & both the daughters are married & settled happily. His younger son stays with him and assists him in his business. Both his sons have been alcoholics since a very young age in direct contrast to him (he has never touched cigarettes or alcohol throughout his life). He is all the time worried about them especially his younger son.

Anxiety prone personality gets scared very easily. Wife reports that he is very fearful & gets tense very easily. CANNOT STAY ALONE. INTENSE FEAR OF DARK.

On Examination:
Blood pressure – 132/ 94 mm Hg
Weight – 65 kg
Pulse – 72/ min
Edema – Present (right ankle)
Varicose veins – On right lower limb, long saphenous vein is affected. Veins are prominent, pigmentation is present and the veins are hard on palpation. On lying down and raising the lower limb, swelling diminishes.
Eyes – Pupils widely dilated, responding to light.

Analysis of the case:
While going through the case the fear & anxiety in the person were very apparent. It was further confirmed when during the eye examination the pupils were found widely dilated. Further having two sons both addicted to alcohol, seems to add to his otherwise anxious nature.

The case was repertorised from the Kent’s Repertory, & the following rubrics were taken:
1. Mind – Anxiety
2. Mind – Alone, when
3. Mind – Dark, in
4. Mind – Fear
5. Mind – Fear; alone, of being
6. Mind – Fear; dark
7. Mind – Company; desires
8. Eye – Pupils; dilated
9. Stomach – Desires; sweets
10. Generalities – Uncovering; aggravates

Result of Repertorisation: Phos-22/9; Lyco-21/8; Ars-19/8; Stram-18/8; Puls-16/8; Arg.nit-20/7.

The remedies at the end of Repertorisation were studied in Allen’s Key Notes & Boger’s Synoptic Key and out of the above only Stramonium was found to cover the essence of the case. As learned from or Guru Prof. L. M. Khan, Stramonium is basically a Remedy of Terrors & it is only here that we find foremost (in such marked intensity as in the patient) the fear of dark, fear of being, pupils widely dilated, as well as the modalities better in light, company & warmth.
50 Millesimal (L.M.) potency was selected because of the continued anxieties in his life as well as due to structural changes present.
13/2/2000 – Rx Stramonium L.M.1 T.D.S.
Advised to restrict the daily salt intake, avoid prolonged standing & to raise the leg while sleeping.

Follow up:
Pain has decreased.
No edema present.
B.P.- 130/90 mmHg.
Stramonium L.M.1 T.D.S.

No pain at all.
Veins appear much less prominent.
Hardness of the veins has decreased.
No edema present.
B.P.- 128/88 mmHg.
Stramonium L.M.1 T.D.S.

No edema present.
No pain at all.
Veins are even less prominent.
Hardness of the veins much decreased.
B.P.- 124/84 mmHg.
Stramonium L.M.1 T.D.S.

The prominence of veins has decreased.
Prominence almost decreased.
B.P.- 124/82 mmHg.
Stramonium L.M.1 T.D.S.

The case is still under observation.

Dr. Gyandas G. Wadhwani and Dr. (Mrs.) Parul G. Wadhwani

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