India economic growth to surpass China’s in 2015-16

A mid-year update of the UN World Economic Situation and Prospects report says India’s economic growth is to surpass China’s in 2015-16. According to the report, Indian GDP is expected to zoom by 7.7 per cent in 2016 which will help accelerate economic growth in South Asia. It will overtake China, which is projected to … Read more

MERS – 5 facts to know about MERS

US health officials have reported the first case of the mysterious new Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus, or MERS, in the United States. It’s in a health care worker who traveled to Indiana from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, last month. Here are 5 facts you need to know about MERS: 1. MERS is new virus MERS … Read more

Good night Malaysian three seven zero

Malaysian authorities have issued a new version of the last communication between air traffic control and the cockpit of the missing flight MH370. The last words spoken were “Good night Malaysian three seven zero” – and not “all right, good night” as reported. The transport ministry said forensic investigations would determine whether the pilot or … Read more

No cash, drugs, guns on flights with VIPs on poll campaign

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation, DGCA, has directed pilots and crew of aircraft or helicopters flying VIPs for poll campaigning to ensure that no unauthorised cash, narcotics or arms are carried in the flight. It has also directed business jet operators and pilots to ensure that the hired aircraft or helicopters are airworthy and … Read more

Arvind Kejriwal to contest in the Lok Sabha polls in Varanasi

Aam Admi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal has announced that he will contest against BJP stalwart Nerendra Modi in the Lok Sabha polls in Varanasi. He announced his candidature at a rally in Varanasi this evening after seeking public’s approval. People attending the rally responded him raising their hands and slogans. He said he was ready … Read more

Indian government to raise 3,000 crore rupees for its disinvestment plan

The Indian government has launched an exchange-traded fund of central public sector enterprises, to raise 3,000 crore rupees for its disinvestment plan. This is an open ended scheme, comprising shares of 10 central PSEs including ONGC, GAIL India and COAL India. It tracks an index fund, but trades like a stock on the exchange. The … Read more

Pope Francis shares hope for a better world

Pope Francis offered a Christmas wish Wednesday for a better world, praying for protection for Christians under attack, battered women and trafficked children, peace in the Middle East and Africa, and dignity for refugees fleeing misery and conflict around the globe. Francis delivered the traditional ‘’Urbi et Orbi” (Latin for ‘’to the city and to … Read more

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