Guidelines for COVID-19 management in India

The guidelines issued by Home Ministry specify the National Directives for COVID-19 management, which shall apply to public places and work places.

Under these guidelines, wearing of face covers is compulsory, spitting will be punishable with fine, and social distancing is to be followed by all persons in public places and in transport.

Marriage related gatherings shall not have more than 50 guests.

For funerals and last rites, the maximum number of persons allowed has been kept at 20.

Consumption of liquor, paan, gutkha and tobacco is not allowed in public places.

The practice of work from home should be followed to the extent possible, and staggering of work hours should be adopted.

There should be provision for thermal scanning, hand wash and sanitizers at all entry and exit points and common areas.

In work places, social distancing should be ensured through measures like adequate distance between workers, and adequate gaps between shifts.

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