Voice370 demanding raw satellite data

Grieving families of 239 people aboard the crashed Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, including from India, have demanded the release raw satellite data to solve the over two-month-long aviation mystery even as an underwater drone is set to resume the hunt for wreckage in the remote Indian Ocean. The next of kin of the passengers and … Read more

Malaysia Airlines closes family aid centres for kin of MH370 passengers

Malaysia Airlines has asked relatives of passengers on board flight MH370, to leave the hotel accommodation it is providing and return to their homes. It is also closing the family assistance centres set up after the plane vanished on 8th March with 239 people on board. The airline has however, promised to keep the relatives … Read more

MH370 Search at critical juncture

The search area for the missing MH370 plane has narrowed and will be at “a critical juncture” in the next two days, Malaysia’s acting transport minister has said. Hishammuddin Hussein said an underwater drone would finish searching the area within the next week. Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing in March as it flew from … Read more

No sign of MH 370 from Bluefin-21 underwater search

The underwater vessel searching for traces of the missing Malaysian jet resurfaced Wednesday to fix a technical issue, but then redeployed again. While on deck, its data were downloaded, the Australian Joint Agency Coordination Centre said. “Bluefin-21 … is currently continuing its underwater search,” it said in a statement. “Initial analysis of the data downloaded … Read more

Oil slick detected – a new clue on the surface of the water

Another possible clue into the plane’s disappearance emerged Monday. Australian officials announced the Australian ship Ocean Shield had detected an oil slick Sunday evening. It is unclear where the oil came from. A 2-liter sample has been collected for examination, but it will take a few days to analyze. “I stress the source of the … Read more

No new underwater signals detected – only 4 pings

With no new underwater signals detected, the search for the missing Malaysian passenger jet resumed Saturday in a race against time to find its dying black boxes five weeks after families first learned their loved ones never arrived at their destination. The ocean search area has been condensed, as ships and planes hunted for any … Read more

Search area narrowed down for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

New information emerged in the investigation into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The effort got a vote of confidence that it is headed in the right direction. “We have very much narrowed down the search area, and we are very confident that the signals that we are detecting are from the black box … Read more

Malaysia plane search narrowed down drastically as fresh pings heard

The hunt for the missing Malaysian jet was today narrowed down drastically to a targeted patch in the Indian Ocean after fresh underwater signals possibly from the plane’s black box were picked up this week. Today’s search zone was the smallest in the month-long hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. The search area narrowed down … Read more

Searchers for missing Malaysian plane again hear signals

Teams searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane have again heard signals that could be consistent with black box. The search chief Angus Houston said Australian vessel heard the signals again yesterday afternoon and evening. He said signals got earlier had also been further analysed by experts who concluded they were from specific electronic equipment. … Read more

Search for signals for MH 370 continues

Teams searching for the missing Malaysian plane say they will wait for further contact with signals picked up over the weekend before using a submersible robot down to search for debris. An Australian ship has heard signals that officials said could be consistent with black box flight recorders. However, it has not been able to … Read more

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