The Homoeopathic Compendium by David Little is published

David Little – when this name comes to my mind, I do recollect my first few communications with him when I was working on ‘The Phoenix Repertory’ with Dr. JPS Bakshi and David Warkentin nearly 20 years before. During my MD course also, I had couples of emails from him. I followed his all enlightening … Read more

H1N1 flu :: Pandemic swine flu – H1N1 Influenza

Novel H1N1 (referred to as “swine flu” early on) is a new influenza virus causing illness in people. This new virus was first detected in people in the United States in April 2009. Other countries, including Mexico and Canada, have reported people sick with this new virus. This virus is spreading from person-to-person, probably in much the same way that regular seasonal influenza viruses spread.

Homeopathy :: Non linearity straightens prescribing

In my extremely petite professional years, I have often heard the notion that in homoeopathic parlance, the sickness is basically the derangement of harmonious flow in the sensations of vital principle, whereby the disease producing micro-organisms and the likes of them are nothing- nihilist.

Vital force is the hero in homeopathy

The father of homoeopathy Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann reverently known as Hahnemann in the homoeopathic world was the fist physician who introduced the importance of VITAL FORCE in the field of medicine. He defines it in Aphorism No. 9 of his book ?Organon of Medicine? in the following words:

Homeopathy :: Miracles of the infinite dose

People, generally, have been heard saying that the Homoeopathic medicines are slow acting, but the fact is contrary. Experience has shown that the infinitely small doses of the indicated Homoeopathic medicine when used singly in proper dose as explained by Hahnemann in his ?Organon? act like charm, especially in acute diseases of various kinds (it can be said that in all cases of acute diseases of various kinds). Often the results are simply astonishing. The results confirm the proposition as related by Hahnemann in Aphorism 149 of his fifth edition of Organon. Some so called Homoeopaths who use combinations or practice polypharmacy, put forward the lame excuse that everything has greatly changed since the time of Hahnemann. No doubt, lot of changes has taken place during past two centuries, since the time of Hahnemann. When Hahnemann discovered Homoeopathy, even the microscope was not used in the field of medicine, today there are very sophisticated electronic gadgets in use to locate minutest changes in the physiology and pathology of an individual. But, the laws of nature, which came into being in the beginning of life, not to say during the past two centuries, is there any change in these laws of nature?

Cure :: Stimulation of the Vital Force

There can be one and only one straight line between two points, which is the shortest line between these two extreme points. It is a geometrical fact. Dr. C. S. F. Hahnemann has invented the science of CURE (defined by him in Aphorism 2 of his Organon of Medicine) ? Homoeopathy, which may be termed as the straight line between two points (1) the disease and (2) the CURE. Homoeopathy is the simplest way to annihilate the disease and to achieve the CURE.

Fistula in ano :: A case of fistula in ano and hypericum

The patient was suffering from fistula in ano. About three months ago, in place of going to some good hospital or a good surgeon he went into the net of a way side surgeon so called “Bengali Doctor” who claims to cure fistula, fissures and piles through surgery.

Pregnancy :: Survival of the fittest – pregnancy or abortion

Reproduction is one of the basic characteristics of a living organism. By this mode it not only maintains its own harmony but also helps in propagation of its own kind. In mammals, pregnancy is the hallmark of reproduction and in humans in particular a female takes 9 months to let the fetus grow in her womb so that it becomes viable and can live or can endure the circumstances outside the womb, of course still under parents love and care.

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