Vital force is the hero in homeopathy

The father of homoeopathy Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann reverently known as Hahnemann in the homoeopathic world was the fist physician who introduced the importance of VITAL FORCE in the field of medicine. He defines it in Aphorism No. 9 of his book ?Organon of Medicine? in the following words:

Homeopathy :: In brief about homeopathic science

From the last few years the number of people using homoeopathic medicine has increase tremendously. But there are still many misunderstanding about homoeopathic medicines and the way in which it works. I have tried in an easy way to explain you how these medicines can be used safely and effectively. For minor complaints these medicines can be used safely at home if the problem is reoccurring again and again then you must consult homoeopathic doctor.

Psychology :: Homoeopathy in Paediatrics & Child Psychology

Knowledge of psychology is an asset for a homoeopath. As homoeopaths we treat the individual child by taking his mental, emotional and physical generals and particulars. Our masters Dr. Hahnemann and Dr. Kent had laid stress in their teachings that the mental symptoms are the most important. Interpretation of physical activity or symptom into a mental symptom or its reflection is very difficult task which is not possible unless one has acquired sufficient vision towards human psychology.

Homeopathy :: Myths regarding Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy – a system of medicine, which in my opinion is the least understood by the common man. Although in recent past it has gained much fame but yet most of the population is not aware of the benefits one can extract out of this science.

Vital Force and Homoeopathy

A homoeopathic physician deals with energies. These are of three different kinds – (i) Energy in the man during life while in perfect health. (ii) Morbid energies in the nature, which make the man sick. (iii) Energies of the remedies which restores the man to health.

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