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People, generally, have been heard saying that the Homoeopathic medicines are slow acting, but the fact is contrary. Experience has shown that the infinitely small doses of the indicated Homoeopathic medicine when used singly in proper dose as explained by Hahnemann in his ?Organon? act like charm, especially in acute diseases of various kinds (it can be said that in all cases of acute diseases of various kinds).

Often the results are simply astonishing. The results confirm the proposition as related by Hahnemann in Aphorism 149 of his fifth edition of Organon. Some so called Homoeopaths who use combinations or practice polypharmacy, put forward the lame excuse that everything has greatly changed since the time of Hahnemann. No doubt, lot of changes has taken place during past two centuries, since the time of Hahnemann. When Hahnemann discovered Homoeopathy, even the microscope was not used in the field of medicine, today there are very sophisticated electronic gadgets in use to locate minutest changes in the physiology and pathology of an individual. But, the laws of nature, which came into being in the beginning of life, not to say during the past two centuries, is there any change in these laws of nature?

The science of Homoeopathy is based upon the Laws which are universal. When one follows the basic natural laws of the homoeopathy the results reveal the truth and efficacy of these laws.

In my practice of nearly forty years, I have met the universal truth of these laws time and again. Hereunder I am presenting a few cases out of innumarable ones cured under my care. These cases show the miraculous results of the infinitely small doses of homoeopathic medicines.

My first encounter:

1). It was in 1967 when I had just started reading about homoeopathy and had very little knowledge of the subject. At that time I was residing in a village about 7 km. away from the city, there was no medical facility available in the village and no conveyance either, after 8 P. M. except the bicycle. Under these circumstances, my wife, one day, complained of pain in her breast at about 9:30 P. M. But she stopped me to go for the doctor at such a late hour. She did not let me know the actual condition of her pain; she told that the pain is bearable. At that time I had no any Repertory, but only a small book ? Bhattacharya?s Epitome ? on looking into it Bryonia came out as the remedy and I administered her two globules of size No 30. In the morning I asked her to go for a consultation, she told that she was feeling great relief in the pain and by the evening the pain was completely gone. This was my first encounter with the efficacy of homeopathic medicine but it was a very encouraging experience. Although this prescription was simply a fluke but it made me a believer of the miraculous efficacy of homoeopathy. When the pain totally finished only then she told me that the pain was extremely distressing.

2). Few cases of severe toothache:

a). It was in 1980, a gentleman aged 30 years was suffering from intolerable pain in right sided lower premolar for two days. Before he consulted me he had taken analgesics in vain. Then he sought my help. After cleaning the cavity with Hydrogen Peroxide, I put a small swab in the cavity of the tooth, moistened in the dilution of Chamomilla 200. I had not fully turned after putting the swab in the cavity when he shouted, ?Doc. Saab!? I looked at him and saw him pressing by his hand on the jaw about the site of pain as if searching; I asked him, ?What happened?? He replied, ?I am searching where the pain was.? The effect of Chamomilla was so miraculous that the pain which did not respond to analgesic for two days vanished in an instant. The pain did not return thereafter.

b). A gentleman 55 years old was suffering from severe pain in the carious right lower premolar for a month. The tooth crumbled almost up to its root. He was feeling intense pain in all the teeth of right side; his face was flushed as from fever. There was great tenseness on his face. There was some bleeding also from the cavity of the tooth.

In the beginning the patient took treatment for two weeks from the doctors of his department?s dispensary. He was Director in a Central Govt. Department. Not finding relief he consulted an eminent Dentist of the city and took his treatment for another two weeks, but in vain. At this stage he was suggested to try homoeopathy.

He immediately consulted me on 22 ? 8 ? 1983. I, after cleaning the cavity with a little Hydrogen Peroxide, put in the cavity a small swab moistened in the dilution of Chamomilla 1M. As soon as the swab was applied I noted some relaxation on his face. In about three minutes the patient told that there was about 25% relief in the pain. Then, I gave him two doses of Chamomilla 1M with few potions of placebo to be taken 4 to 6 hourly if there is relapse of the pain.

On 24 ? 8 ? 1983 he informed that by the time he reached his residence (say in about 7 minutes) the pain was totally gone. I advised him to get the root of the tooth extracted when the pain stops; so long I know he never got it extracted. On 9 ? 9 ? 1983 he had a relapse of the toothache and Chamilla 200 set it right.

In numerous cases of toothache of various kinds I found the indicated homoeopathic medicines worked like charm.

3). A case of prostrating throat pain ? It was in 1983 or 84 when one day a gentleman aged 45 visited my clinic. He was a well built stout and cheerful person; but that day he came and sat down gloomily in the waiting room. On his turn he entered my chamber and in place of sitting, he rather fell down in the chair and told that he was feeling as though his strength were sinking, he was feeling a kind of dull and numbing pain in his whole left side of face and the neck; he could not locate the seat of the pain himself. While examining for the site of pain, when I pressed under the left jaw in the region of left tonsil, he cried, ?Oh!?. There was the seat of the pain. The site was too sensitive.

I asked my assistant to put a dose of Lac caninum 200 on his tongue. (I give 4 ? 5 globules of no. 10 size in a little sugar of milk as a dose). ?Lo!? as soon as the medicine touched his tongue he sprang to erect position in his seat and became alert and cheerful. He told that he was ?Feeling better!?. The effect of the medicine was miraculous it worked as a charm.

Though it took about a week to get him completely cured.

Such miraculous effects instill confidence in the efficacy of the infinitely small doses of the homoeopathic medicines and encourage the practitioner to know his medicines more and more thoroughly. Dr. J. T. Kent has truly said to his students, ?You should know your remedies as well, as you know your intimate friends, they will never let you down.? Hahnemann has himself advised, ?Study your Materia Medica.?.

4). Cholera cases:

In the region I live real cholera cases are rare. In the past 40 years I have met only two real cholera cases.

a).More than 30 years ago a lady in my village who had delivered a child ten days ago had an attack of cholera in the middle of a night. She had been suffering for about six hours when I was called.

– Her stools were like tap water.

– Her pulse was very weak and sinking.

The collapse was looking imminent.

I immediately administered a dose of Veratrum album 30 (4 -5 globules of No. 10 size on her tongue). And I asked her mother-in-law to bring ? cup of boiled water. I dissolved another dose in it. And I started giving her ? teaspoon of this solution every 5 minutes, within 10 minutes her pulse started gathering strength. She also told me that she was feeling better. When she started improving I advised her mother-in law to give the remaining solution as I did every 15 ? 20 minutes,.and suggested her to arrange for the patient to transfuse Glucose for early recovery of lost body fluids. But, the lady recovered rapidly without any transfusion ? she is still hale and hearty after 30 years.

b). In another case the patient was a 25 years old laborer. It was about 20 years ago when I was called to see a patient at about 2:30 a. m. He was suffering from cholera since 11 p. m. I found the patient in a very distressing condition.

– He was extremely restless, he was writhing in pain, was unable to keep in one position for a moment.

– Whole of his abdomen was extremely sensitive; he did not let me examine his abdomen due to the extreme tenderness.

– Feeling cramps in whole abdomen.

– Watery vomiting every 3 minutes.

– Watery purging every 5 minutes.

I immediately put a dose of Cuprum metallicum 30 on his tongue.

Then I dissolved another dose in ? cup of boiled water and started giving ? teaspoon of the solution every 5 minutes. He vomited only once after the first dose of the medicine.

The interval of the purging after the first dose started increasing gradually and in about 40 minutes the purging totally stopped and the patient became tranquil. The restlessness, tenderness of the abdomen and the cramps had long gone.

At this stage I examined his abdomen all the tenderness had vanished.

In such cases I feel I can not leave the patient till there is relief. Now the patient expressed that he was getting sleep. And he asked me to go home and have rest.

He was cured no follow up was required.

6). A case of migraine of 15 ? 16 years. On 7 ? 1 ? 2006 a 35 years old lady consulted me for migraine from which she was suffering for the past 15 ? 16 years. In the beginning the attacks of migraine used to come once a year then the frequency gradually increased. And ultimately the pain became a regular feature, now the pain occurs almost daily.

Sanguinaria Canadensis 200 was given she felt some relief but did not continue the treatment. And she again started the empirical treatment.

She again visited on 5 ? 6 ? 2006 and started crying, tears running out of her eyes and requested to do something so that she may get immediate relief from the pain.

She told that the pain used to be so intense that she strikes her head against the wall and thrashes her forehead with hands. Thus her distress can easily be imagined. The headache often starts on waking in the morning and goes on increasing unto 8 ? 9 p.m.

* Sensation of weight on head. The pain was situated mostly in forehead.

* The pain used to be pulsating and very severe.

* Temperament becomes irritable.

If she gets vomiting feels relief afterwards.

She had been taking strong pain killers but in vain.

Now I prescribed a dose of Bacillinum 200 followed by two doses of Iris Vericolor 200 to be taken 8 hourly. I asked her to report after 24 hours. When she came to report the next day she was all smiles. She told me that she was feeling great relief in the headache only aching in the scalp was persisting which may be due to the injury she incurred by striking the head against the wall and thrashing the forehead by hand during severe pain.

There is no relapse of the severe attack so far after two months when I am writing about the case.

7). A case of severe paroxysmal hiccoughs ? Long ago (I do not remember the exact date of the case; as it has lost in my daily register) at about 9:30 p. m. a patient was brought who was suffering from severe paroxysmal hiccoughs. The paroxysms were too frequent and 8 -10 hiccoughs were coming so fast that they were appearing to go one into another. First of all I gave him Nux vomica 1M but did it not seem to work within 10 minutes and I was afraid lest the patient gag and suffocate so I put a dose of Magnesia phos 10M on his tongue and gave him one more dose to be taken after ? an hour and I sent the patient home with instructions that, if there is no effect he should be taken to the emergency of the district hospital, being the patient a laborer. If he gets some relief report me in the morning. He did not turn up next day. But I came to know from the person who referred him to me, that the hiccoughs were gone by the time he reached his house. The hiccoughs never relapsed.

The hiccoughs were so furious that still when I remember the patient hiccoughing I feel shivers in my spine. And I pray that no one should suffer such hiccoughs.

During past 40 years I have encountered innumerable cases where I have seen the miraculous effect of the infinite doses of the homoeopathic medicines provided the diagnosis of the medicine indicated was correct.

Every homoeopathic physician knows that the rule is ?Similia similibus curantur? i. e. whatever symptoms group a medicine is capable of producing in a healthy and sensitive person is also capable to cure similar group of symptoms in the sick individual. To acquire this knowledge one must acquaint himself repeatedly and persistently with the detailed proving of the medicines e. g. detailed Materia Medica. Such a study gives insight into the personalities of the homoeopathic medicines and their application in turn gives satisfaction along with joy of curing the suffering human.

Note:- Dr. Mamgain, has prepared documentary videos of acute, chronic and cancer cases from his own practice (covering four CDs) to impress the efficacy of Hahnemannian laws through audio-visual means. If any reader is desirous to watch the same can contact him (mail to ? drmamgain@gmail.com).

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