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Nosodes is a term derived from the Greek word NOSO ? which signifies the prefix added to the word to form an idea of disease or indicating a relation to the disease.

Compared to Latin word NOXA _ means damage

Nosodes are medicines prepared from products of diseases or diseased tissues of human beings, animals & plants.

Actually these nosodes too are deep acting constitutionals as they are products of a disease from a very deep-seated constitutional condition and are to be used as per the principles of Homoeopathy and the Law of Similars and NOT by the name of the disease or its products.

Dr. Kent emphasized that these Nosodes being constitutionally deep acting and deep-seated remedies, are to be used with utmost care when the indicated, well-selected remedy fails to act. Use in infrequent doses and higher potencies.

According to Dr. Fellger, ? It was absurd to claim that every disease could be cleared by its nosode, for after potentising the nosode, we cannot be satisfied that it is in the same condition as when first taken from the diseased individual. Thus the syphilitic poison is composed of molecules, the molecules of atom. When the poison is potentised, the essential character of molecule is undoubtedly lost, hence it is not the same substance any more.?

    Indications For Using Nosodes.

The following are the indications for the use of nosodes:

(A): On Symptom similarity that is, on totality of symptoms.
(B): As a second prescription: To enhance the action of the first prescription.
(C): As an intercurrent remedy, when best-selected remedy fails to act.
(D): To begin treatment when no other remedy is clear.
(E): As a complementary medicine.
(F): In conditions where the patient gives out a picture of many medicines but none is fully indicated.
(G): When ? the patient is never been well since?.
(H): When patient never picks up health after a particular illness.
(I): When strong Family history is present.
(J): When several past treatments were unsystematic & hence unsuccessful.

The nosodes thus are an important instrument of our armament for classical prescription.


Medorrhinum: is a powerful & deep acting nosode used often in ailments due to suppressed gonorrhoea. Dr. Swan introduces this nosode in 1870?s. It is made from the Gonorrhoeal discharge.

All the provings and cures were made with high potencies.

Medorrhinum: Child/Personality

Medorrhinum children are very passionate, affectionate and loving. They have strong desire for love and affection. The child is very sensitive and emotional. Loves flowers, beauty and takes good care of them.

It is also indicated for behavioural problems of children. Children who are rude and aggressive, who throw temper tantrums, who fight with other children, esp. during the day and who kick and strike their parents or relatives can be Medorrhinum.

The child who was polite, soft, passionate and loveable turns into a devil. He feels a strong desire to bite, kick, hit, and strike. He is very rude and aggressive. All his actions become erratic, he develops inner hardness, which is very deep and that is why, it is very difficult to handle these children. If you tell them not to do certain things, they are the first people to go and do it. That is what makes them courageous and brave. They always try to postpone their works to next day.

As this child grows into a teen-ager, he wants to experience everything. He wants to try out new things in life. He likes to go out with girls for parties, discos etc. They always love to do what is forbidden. If the father says, come back at 10. p.m., they will come back at 2 a.m. They will sneak out of the house, once the parents have gone to sleep. They smoke; drink and they have sexual relationship at a very young age. They don’t like bindings. That is why; the idea of marriage seems unendurable. They are the people who remain unmarried till very late in life, even though they have many boyfriends or girl friends.

They are very self centered and hard hearted and they don’t want any connection with people around them.

Medorrhinum becomes an important remedy for suicidal tendency in young adults.

Medorrhinum: Mental Symptoms

Medorrhinum is one of the important remedies for mental retardation and poor reaction. There is intense nervous sensibility, especially to touch of garment or a lock of hair by any one.

Medorrhinum is a very important remedy where patient cannot express his symptoms without weeping. Weeping ameliorates sadness.

Wants to wash hands repeatedly (Obsessive compulsive Disorder).

Entirely forgot what she had read, even previous line. Forgetfulness of names, letter of words and initial letters.

Cannot remember names; has to ask name of her most intimate friend; forgets her own.

Cannot spell right: wonders how the word “how” is spelled.

Loses constantly the thread of her talk.

Difficulty in concentrating his thoughts or mind on abstract subjects.

Sensation as if all life was unreal, like a dream.

Alternation of happiness and gloominess.

Is always anticipating; feels most matters sensitively before they occur and generally correctly.

Reading and writing make her nervous and enrage her.

Very impatient. Great selfishness.

Hopeless of recovery.

Fears going insane. Fear in the dark & of someone behind her.

Time passes too slowly, always in a great hurry.

Medorrhinum: Physical Symptoms

-Hair-lusterless, dry & crispy. Intense itching of scalp with quantities of dandruff.

-Frontal headache with nausea, feeling of a tight band across forehead, worse leaning head forward.

-Vertigo: when stooping; several times during day, sudden attacks, seemingly in vertex, with danger of falling.

-Ptosis of lids. Eyelashes fall out, objects look double or small.

-Partial or total deafness. Hears voices.

-Post-nasal discharge, thick yellow. Snuffles of children, not relieved by other remedies.

-Acne on face worse after menses. Small boils break out during menses.

-Pain in abdomen, colicky, better bracing feet.

-Agonizing pain in solar plexus, applies his right hand to stomach and left to lumbar region.

-Fiery red, moist, violently itching anus.

-Nocturnal enuresis. Pain in kidney region better by profuse urination, with craving for ice.

-Albuminuria when the urine contains some mucus as well.

-Benign enlargement of prostate with frequent and painful urination. Masturbation in children.

-Impotency with emissions during sleep & intense and frequent erection day & night.

-Intense menstrual colic, better pressing feet against support. Menses profuse, dark, clotted, foul, stains difficult to wash out, with frequent urination. Itching-vagina, better rubbing & by bathing with tepid water. Breast cold, icy, the rest of body warm.

-Sycotic sterility.

-Asthma: sycotic, infantile. Desire to breath deep, wakes gasping for breath. Dyspnoea cannot exhale. Faint suffocative sensation when sitting up in bed, as if thorax was full.

-Dyspnoea, better lying in knee-chest position.

-Spine sore & tender. Burning heat in spine. Pain from left to right shoulder. Lumbago from lifting weight.

-Legs heavy; ache all night, cannot keep them still. Cramps in legs better stretching them.

-Heels sore, tender, cannot walk on them.

-Rheumatic pain in top of left shoulder, worse from motion. Numbness, paralyzed feeling in left leg from knee to hip. Rheumatoid arthritis.

-Epileptiform spasms, foaming at mouth. Opisthotonus. Risus sardonicus. Collapse.

-Skin yellow. Intense & incessant itching, worse at night & when thinking of it. Fiery red rash about anus in babies (Nappy rash).

-Psoriasis palmaris.

-Bites tip of tongue in sleep. Wakeful towards morning.

-Dreams of walking; of ghosts; dead persons; horrid, painful & exhausting. Dreams of drinking.


Worse: Damp, cold, daytime, sunrise to sunset, 3-4 a.m. after urinating. Touch, even slight. Close room.

Better: Lying on abdomen, bending backwards, stretching out. Fresh air. Being fanned.

Thermals: Hot

The remedy should never be used low.

Medorrhinum: Cases

A well-taken case is always a delicate balance of letting the vital force reveal itself by our receptive, gentle approach, while at the same moment processing in a nonjudgmental way our knowledge of the materia medica. Remedy “data” should confirm our choice, not lead us into making a person fit a remedy that we know.

A. – Acute Case.

Master Amit, 8 yrs old was brought to me with his parents for recurrent attacks of asthma. The symptoms were as follows:

1. Sudden & extreme difficulty in breathing, worse after dinner.

2. Running of nose & sneezing very often. Worse change of weather.

3. Loose, but violent cough; must hold chest or sides.

4. And few other common symptoms of asthma.

Considering this case as a routine case of asthma, I prescribed him Arsenic album 200-1ds with Natrum Sulph 6x-TDS for 10 days. (Here I was biased, I agree). After 3 days at around 10 p.m. I received a telephone call from his mother that Amit (my patient) is gasping for breath, please do something. I told them to dissolve 10-12 pills of Natrum Sulph 6x in warm water & give him sip by sip. After half an hour they again called me that there is no relief at all, please come & do something or we are giving him deriphyllin injection with asthalin inhaler. I went there & as I entered his room, I saw the child was gasping fr breath but instead of sitting upright (Asthma is better by sitting up & aggravated by lying in general, in most of the patients), he was lying in a knee chest position, which relieved him a bit. On inquiring, his parents told me that he attains this position each & every time he gets an attack. Than I realized that this is a case of Medorrhinum. Asthma better in knee chest position, we have got only one drug that is Medorrhinum.

I gave him Medorrhinum 200, 5-6 drops in Luke warm water sip by sip.

Within 15 minutes the patient slept & I can see the signs of relief on the parents face.

This is the power of Homoeopathy, which if selected correctly can work wonders.

B. ? Chronic Case.

Mr. Raman, 15 yrs old was waiting for his number to come, outside my consulting room. There was something different, something strange in this child regarding his behaviour. He was playing with a toy pistol & was shooting at other patients. Everyone was surprised that a 5 feet 2 inch boy is behaving so childishly. Than I realized that this is a case of mental retardation. I observed him for some time & when I saw his reports, his IQ level was that of a 6 yr old child. He was called in to the sitting room & although his mother was there, he insisted that his father came too. I could hardly understand what he said & he appeared to be shy & lacked self-confidence. His parents told me that though he is loving & affectionate child, but when angry he throw temper tantrums, he becomes rude, kicks & fight with other children even kicks & strike his parents too. I asked him about his hobbies and he said he liked photography but his photographs were very poor although he had mounted them in his album. He goes to special school. He was poor in studies & when forced to read & write, he becomes aggressive. On further inquiring, it was found that he has marked craving for cold drinks & ice-cream. And by thermals he is a hot patient. A marked family history of suppressed gonorrhoea was found in father.

Based on totality of the case I prescribed him Medorrhinum 1M-1ds, followed by sac lac for 1 month. After 2 weeks his mother rang to report that the boy had gone through a remarkable change.

I saw him after 1 month. When he was called, upon entering the sitting room, the first thing he did was to send his mother out. He then proceeded to tell me about how unfair some people had been & so on. His speech was much improved. I continue with sac lac for 2 more months with one more dose of Medorrhinum 1M.

After 3-4 months, when he came, he was a changed person. His mother told me that he rarely gets angry now. His teachers had commented that something had changed in him.

He made continuous progress with Medorrhinum.

I think by the grace of the Almighty, Homoeopathy transformed the young man?s life.

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