Understanding Hamamelidae Remedies through Cases

Understanding Hamamelidae Remedies through Cases

The Hamamelidae is one of the most important families in the Plant Kingdom and yet often not well known. Including diverse remedies such as Birch, Beech, Walnut, Oak, Elm, Witch Hazel, Stinging Nettle and Hemp (Cannabis sativa).

Eye :: Discovery of retinal cell type ends 4-decade search

A research team combining high-energy physicists from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and neuroscientists from the Salk Institute in La Jolla, Calif., has discovered a type of retinal cell that may help monkeys, apes, and humans see motion. The team’s work appears in the October 10 issue of Journal of Neuroscience.

Common Cold :: Echinacea can prevent a cold

Echinacea, a medicinal herb, and other herbal echinacea supplements can reduce the risk of catching a coomon cold by 58 percent and the duration of colds by a day-and-a-half, confirmed by researchers.