Homeopathy :: New Delhi celebrating Hahnemann’s Birthday

Samuel Christian Hahnemann created and developed the system called homeopathy. It is also known as similia similibus curentor or “let like be cured by like.”.

Although his new methods initially met with ridicule and criticism, by the time of his death they were accepted the world over as a result of the great success he had with his new cure.

A grand celebration is organised on 252nd Hahnemann’s Birthday Celebrations on 10th April 2007 10.00 am onwards in Gummad Park Defence Colony, New Delhi at the site of Hahnemann’s Statue.

Hon’ble Minister of Health Dr Yagonand Shastri and Dr med Gunther von laer from Embassy of Germany amongst other dignitaries shall be present in the function which will presided over by Sh D. S. Negi, Principal Secretary Health & Family welfare, India.

Hahnemann was born in Meissen, Saxony (now part of Germany) into a financially challenged middle class family. His parents initially educated him at home, where his father taught him never to accept anything he learned without first questioning it. He graduated as a physician from the University of Erlangen in 1779 after studying at Leipzig and Vienna. He was also fluent in English, German, Italian, French, Greek, Arabic, Latin and Hebrew.

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