Cancer prevention – one-third of all cancer cases are preventable

At least one-third of all cancer cases are preventable. Prevention offers the most cost-effective long-term strategy for the control of cancer, says World Health Organization. Followings are various factors which are preventable. 1. Tobacco Tobacco use is the single greatest avoidable risk factor for cancer mortality worldwide, causing an estimated 22% of cancer deaths per … Read more

Encephalitis toll rises to 466 in Indian state UP

In Indian state Uttar Pradesh, the death toll due to encephalitis has mounted to 466 this year as eight more children succumbed to the disease during past two days in Gorakhpur. Indian official sources reports that 24 fresh encephalitis patients have been admitted to the government hospitals of eastern UP during past two days. This … Read more

JENVAC – 1st indigenously developed vaccine for treating Encephalitis

In an important medical leap, India unveiled its first indigenously developed vaccine for treating Japanese Encephalitis, a mosquito-borne viral disease that affects the brain. The manufacturer of the vaccine named JENVAC claims that the highly purified inactivated vaccine can be administered during epidemics without the fear of adverse effects. JENVAC is available in both single … Read more

US hospital technician to plead guilty in hepatitis C outbreak

A hospital technician accused of infecting dozens of patients with hepatitis C through tainted needles told investigators he had been stealing drugs for more than a decade and was ‘killing a lot of people,’ according to a plea agreement filed Monday that would send him to prison for 30 to 40 years. David Kwiatkowski, who … Read more

Influenza Epidemic – Different Presentations & Homeopathic Medicines

At this time, there are several different viral infections going around. Each infection actually has a slightly different presentation. As you are aware, the number of people ill with some version of viral/bacterial infection is high, much higher than usual. In homeopathy, a pertinent question arises during such epidemics about the genus epidemicus, what remedy … Read more

Better health for people of BRICS countries

The second BRICS Health Ministers’ Meet held in New Delhi. First day held at Dr. Ramalingaswamy Auditorium, AIIMS, New Delhi and the second day at Banquet Hall, Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi. The first day the Health Secretaries and Senior Advisors of BRICS countries participated and the second day the Health Ministers of BRICS countries took … Read more

Homeopathy rising in Delhi, India

A large part of the population of Delhi has demonstrated an increasing interest in homoeopathy and benefits from it. To meet out the requirements, Govt. of Delhi is providing free of cost services to populace of Delhi. Twenty Eight homoeopathic dispensaries were started in 1978 and at present there are 91 homeopathic dispensaries in Delhi, … Read more

H1N1 flu :: Pandemic swine flu – H1N1 Influenza

Novel H1N1 (referred to as “swine flu” early on) is a new influenza virus causing illness in people. This new virus was first detected in people in the United States in April 2009. Other countries, including Mexico and Canada, have reported people sick with this new virus. This virus is spreading from person-to-person, probably in much the same way that regular seasonal influenza viruses spread.

Cancer :: Scientific evidence of the significant anti-cancer effect of milk thistle

Recently, scientists demonstrated the anti-cancer effects of silibinin, a major biologically active compound of milk thistle. Being widely used as a folk remedy for liver diseases, milk thistle is safe and well-tolerated, and it protects the liver from drug or alcohol-related injury. Silibinin is highly purified from milk thistle, with a defined chemical structure and molecular weight (C25H22O10, MW: 482.44).

HIV :: A hairpin to fight HIV

When a host cell is infected with HIV, the virus brings its own genetic material into the host cell. This cell then replicates, reads the viral RNA, and uses it as a blueprint to produce more viral proteins. Complete viruses are then released to attack the next cells.

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