Influenza Epidemic – Different Presentations & Homeopathic Medicines

At this time, there are several different viral infections going around. Each infection actually has a slightly different presentation. As you are aware, the number of people ill with some version of viral/bacterial infection is high, much higher than usual. In homeopathy, a pertinent question arises during such epidemics about the genus epidemicus, what remedy should I give?

Dr Paul Herscu ND, MPH of The influenza division of Herscu Laboratory, a 501(c)(3) non-profit multi-disciplinary medical research laboratory, presents this resource for timely updates on current epidemics (influenza or otherwise).

Dr Paul Herscu says “If you can take an appropriate case and think in these categories and know even the rudiments of the remedies listed, you should be able to help those in need”.

Dr Paul Herscu categorised the main presentations of Current Influenza Epidemic – January 2013

Group 1.

Some have the more classic influenza presentation: weakness, shakiness, headache, chills, as well as minor respiratory symptoms.

For this group of individuals the four main remedies that have helped have been Nux vomica, Silica, Mercurius and Gelsemium.

Use your knowledge of these remedies to differentiate among them.

Group 2.

Here the main symptoms are gastrointestinal, and have very little to do with the other sick patients.

Symptoms commonly found during this time point to Phosphorus, Arsenicum album and Nux vomica, depending on the symptom complex, thirst, chills and the mental state etc.

Group 3.

Patients in this group have as a central symptom a bronchial cough, and have responded best to Belladonna, Bryonia and Drosera.

Group 4.

For others, the main symptoms have been heat, sweats, body aches, as well as minor respiratory symptoms and fatigue.

For this group of individuals the three main remedies that have helped have been Sulphur, Mercurius and Bryonia.

Group 5.

“The most interesting subgroup of sick people to me is those who seem out of sorts in the cognitive area”, says Dr. Paul Herscu.

In this group, the main symptoms are severe, intense weakness and lethargy, a disinclination or inability to stand for a long time, and an inability to clearly give a cogent symptom story.

In general there is a marked and unusual lowered level of cognition. These patients have a hard time putting sentences together. They are beyond lethargic, want to lie down, or sleep.

Very often while attempting to relate their symptoms they may forget the question, forget what they were saying or about to say, all of the sudden the patient remembers they never took their temperature, did not know the day of the week, could not remember if they had eaten in the past few hours.

They may well have chills, body aches, and minor respiratory symptoms.

For this group of individuals, the two main remedies that have been helpful are Silica and Baptisia.

Thanks to Dr. Paul Herscu for this nice differentiation about different groups of influenza patients and their homeopathic medicines.

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