Un-utilised and utilised funds in AYUSH India

This is the last week of 2014 and we have finished 9 months of our working in the financial year 2014-2015. What we have achieved in 2014 in alternative medicine sector in India. Central Govt. has recently released details of allocated and utilised funds in AYUSH. For the year 2014-2015, central govt. allocated 1069 crore … Read more

Element 117 – a new super-heavy element

Atoms of a new super-heavy element — the as-yet-unnamed element 117 — have reportedly been created by scientists in Germany, moving it closer to being officially recognized as part of the standard periodic table. Researchers at the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research, an accelerator laboratory located in Darmstadt, Germany, say they have created … Read more

Dengue-Like Fever In Delhi-NCR

Delhi and NCR have reported 30 cases of persons affected by Dengue in 2013 (till 31st July). The Government of India has taken the following measures for prevention and control of Dengue in the country including Delhi and NCR. Guidelines – Dengue-Like Fever • Developed a Long Term Action Plan in January, 2007 and sent … Read more

CAPSISPRAY – Chilli spray for women’s self-defence by DRDO

In view of increasing instances of physical attacks on women, the DRDO has developed a chilli-spray for protection using the world’s hottest chilli grown in Assam, Rajya Sabha was informed on Wednesday. “Yes, Defence Research laboratory in Tezpur has developed a chilli-spray called CAPSISPRAY. It is a non-lethal spray for personal protection and self-defence,” Defence … Read more

Genes responsible for glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer

Scientists have identified 18 new genes responsible for driving glioblastoma multiforme, the most common and most aggressive form of brain cancer in adults. “Cancers rely on driver genes to remain cancers, and driver genes are the best targets for therapy,” said Antonio Iavarone, professor of pathology and neurology at Columbia University Medica. “We think our … Read more

DRDO’s Contributions for Flood Victims in Uttarakhand

The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is extending all possible help to the flood affected victims in Uttarakhand. DRDO being the centre for technological and medical expertise, as soon as it was learnt that Uttarakhand has been hit severely by heavy floods and landslides, it started to assist in the disaster relief in the … Read more

Homeopathy is emerging as nanomedicine

In April 2013, this hypothesis was discussed at the 8th International Congress of Complementary Medicine Research (ICCMR 2013) in London and begins to be confirmed by other independent research teams. Homeopathy is emerging as nanomedicine. Due to the dynamization process during the manufacturing of homeopathic medicines the final product contains nanoparticles and conglomerates of them. … Read more

Influenza Epidemic – Different Presentations & Homeopathic Medicines

At this time, there are several different viral infections going around. Each infection actually has a slightly different presentation. As you are aware, the number of people ill with some version of viral/bacterial infection is high, much higher than usual. In homeopathy, a pertinent question arises during such epidemics about the genus epidemicus, what remedy … Read more

Degree Programs in Hospitality Education

Acknowledging the importance of possessing a Degree by its hospitality students, the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology – NCHMCT has renewed its pledge by extending its MoU with Indira Gandhi National Open University – IGNOU for its 3-year B.Sc. and 2-year M.Sc. Programs for a period of five years. The MoU was … Read more

Dental Materials – Clinical Applications – by Dr. Pankaj Datta

Dental materials are specially fabricated materials, designed for use as dental restorations (fillings), which are used to restore tooth structure loss, usually resulting from but not limited to dental caries (dental cavities). There are many challenges for the physical properties of the ideal dental restorative material. Dr. Pankaj Datta, a renowned Prosthodontics in New Delhi, … Read more

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