Dengue-Like Fever In Delhi-NCR

Delhi and NCR have reported 30 cases of persons affected by Dengue in 2013 (till 31st July). The Government of India has taken the following measures for prevention and control of Dengue in the country including Delhi and NCR.

Guidelines – Dengue-Like Fever

• Developed a Long Term Action Plan in January, 2007 and sent to the States for implementation.

• In view of upsurge and geographical spread of dengue to newer areas, a Mid Term Plan has been developed for prevention and control of Dengue and approved by the Committee of Secretaries on 26th May, 2011. The plan has been sent to the states for implementation.

• National guidelines for clinical management of cases have been sent to the states for circulation in all hospitals.

• The dengue situation in the country is monitored and reviewed with States/UTs.

• Advisories are issued from time to time to State Governments.

• Field visits are carried out by technical experts from NVBDCP to assess the preparedness at the field level and to provide technical guidance to the States.

• Training is imparted to clinicians on case management as per GOI guidelines and to other health care functionaries on programme activities.

• For augmenting diagnostic facilities number of Sentinel Surveillance Hospitals (SSHs) with laboratory support has been increased to 347 across the country from 110 and linked with 14 Apex Referral laboratories with advanced diagnostic facilities for back up support for Dengue across the country.

• ELISA based IgM test kits are provided to SSHs through National Institute of Virology, Pune free of cost. During current year (till 22.07.13), a total of 1097 dengue diagnostic kits (1 Kit= 96 tests) have been provided by Centre to SSHs.

• Introduced ELISA based NS1 test for early detection of cases from 1st day of disease as distinct to IgM test which can detect the Dengue case after five days of disease.

• Funds are provided to the States for prevention and control of vector borne diseases including Dengue and Chikungunya to implement the public health activities.

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