Practice of allopathy by homeopathy practitioners denied

The Medical Council of India has received a letter from the Medical Education & Drugs Department, Government of Maharashtra seeking opinion of the Medical Council of India (MCI) on practice of allopathy by homeopathy practitioners in the State of Maharashtra.

Medical Council of India has clarified to Government of Maharashtra that no person other than a doctor having qualification recognized by MCI and registered with MCI or State Medical Councils is allowed to practice Modern System of Medicine or Surgery.

A person obtaining qualification in any other system of medicine is not allowed to practice Modern system of Medicine in any form.

This Ministry has requested the States that, in view of the judgment given on 8.10.1998 by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of Dr. Mukhtiya Chand vs State of Punjab, the law prevailing in respective States relating to registration of practitioners of modern scientific medicine may be amended to provide an enabling provision to allow the enrolment of a Indian System of Medicine(ISM) professionals in the State Medical Register for registration of the practitioners of modern medicine, as maintained by the respective State Medical Councils.

Simultaneously, Department of AYUSH has asked the Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) to develop draft curriculum of different level of bridge courses for Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani graduate and post graduate doctors to provide them competency to practice preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative allopathic medicine in respect to the commonly encountered health problems.

This information was given by Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad, in written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha today.

6 thoughts on “Practice of allopathy by homeopathy practitioners denied”

  1. Dr.Anil Singhal is leading practioner in homoeopathy, that is not meaning they denied ,becoz they look descion by there way, in maharastra 60thousand doctor B.H.M.S want to do add 1 year course pharmacolgy, thats why they prscribe allopathy in emergency condtion and save patient life, Dr.Singhal very well known that no such antiplatelts medicine in homoepathy in condtion of heart attack, if antiplatelts medicine given in right time it can save patient life upto when patient admitt big hospital. much emergency condition in which homoeopaths become helpless.if after complete 4&1/2course B.H.M.S course 1year pharmacology course…it can improove more knowlge of future ..most of MBBS Dr prctise in urban area and city only BAMS and BHMS dr practise in rural area and maintaine health

  2. One day at midnight one baby of 1yr old belongs to very poor socioeconomic status came to for the complaint of scorpion bite , baby was almost in shock , parents were anxious and crying in such situations wath should I do I am a homoeopathic practioner , distric hospital is 40 km away they don’t have enough money even for travelling. IMA should think for humanity porpoise atleast before filing pitision against maharatra govt. Homoeopathic practioner will not going to hamper thair bread and butter, no need to tell what I have done at that time , this is one of the example only

  3. Many allopathic physicians using and prescribing ayush medicines bcoz they r safe, we ayush people r not opposing, atleast in case of emergency ayush doctors should use modern medicines for patient sake,plz allow ayush doctors to prescribe modern medicines in public intrest, no mbbs doctor prefer rural stay, many ayush doctors serving rural people day nd night,nothing wrong saving life of people in case of emergeny,many delivery patients come night hrs , if there is no availability of mbbs doctor what pts do at that time……think of it do the needful………serving rural people……..

  4. Long time back a person of lower cast was not authorised to give drinking water to a thirsty person of a higher cast. but we have overcome that.
    similarly at mid night if a patient presents with lvf or AMI or AGE with severe dehydration or a high fever (105 degree f) or convulsion not pass out spontaneously in a rural area what a AYUSH doctor should do! Although he or she knows what treatment to be given at the particular case.A AYUSH dr usually knows how to tackle these type of cases because they have done their internship duty in allopathic hospital. It is very painful situation to a doctor that after knowing every thing he can not do any thing to his or her patient just because of his degree.In my mind it is very similar to that person of lower cast who knows how to save a life by giving drinking water but he can not just because of his cast.
    IMA Official who are opposing the law of MAHARASHTRA GOVT. can not realise the pai n because most of them are urban doctor. If any one of them can realise the pain fealt by a rural AYUSH doctor will not oppose the law of MAHARASHTRA GOVT. I hope so.


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