Dengue Fever :: Liquid diet recommended in dengue fever – Yoga and Naturopathy

According to Naturopaths the energy needed for digestion if diverted to elimination can benefit those affected with dengue. “A dengue affected person is put on complete liquid diet. The affected person may be given fruit juice, vegetable soups but no solid diet, neither solid fruit. Thus the energy required for digestion is diverted towards elimination,” Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy Assistant Director Dr Rajiv Rastogi said.

There is no specific medicine or vaccine for dengue. But its symptoms can be reduced.

In certain cases lever swelling is also observed. “To reduce swelling of liver hot/cold fomentation and Gastrohepatic pack (cold treatments on the abdomen) may be applied,” Dr Rastogi said.

After recovery the patients should take diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables to increase body`s vitality. They may take fruit juices, lemon water, honey, sprouted moong, vegetables soup and moong soup.

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