Dengue Fever :: Every fever is not dengue

Dengue and viral fever affects children and adults by the symptoms exhibited by the patients we could tell they were Dengue. In few cases we noticed signs and symptoms of bleeding from the Nose and mouth and hemorrhagic spots under the skin appeared 3 or four days after onset of the fever. Homeopathy in dengue fever, Prevention of Dengue Fever

Your child gets fever and your blood pressure shoots up. You wonder if it is dengue and rush to a doctor demanding a platelet count. The platelet count is lower then expected and your blood pressure goes up further. Is it dengue or just another bout of the ubiquitous upper respiratory track or gastrointestinal infections that surface each year when the weather changes ?

?Dengue has got people in a panic and the family often insists on the platelet count to reassure themselves in most cases, it is not required as some viral illnesses other than dengue may also results in the platelet count falling. That is why most doctors still go by the clinical symptoms accompanying the fever to make or diagnosis.

My earnest advise that you should look for what doctors call. ?localizing symptoms? that indicate the underlying cause of fever ( See Box ). Since these illness are caused by viruses , the disease is self ? limiting and takes about five days or a week to subside.

There is no need for treatment, certainly not anti-biotics. In any fever, the patient must take rest.

He should keep snug and warm, take a light diet but drink plenty of fluids. Medicines like Aspirin should not be used casually and frequently. In many ways aspirin is a dangerous medicine. In adults it irritates the stomach and the intestines. It does reduce fever and body pain but no more. Accordingly to homoeopathy is a state of complete harmony of the ?vital force? which is the life principle of the body. Disease is the derangement of the vital force causing the alteration of sensation and function of the body, which we call signs and symptoms.

Dengue is known as ?Break-bone? fever. After the patient is biting by the mosquitoes carrying dengue virus it takes 5 to 10 days to develop this is called the incubation period. The course of the disease is divided into three stages :


(a) The Invasion : It starts suddenly with high fever of 102 to 105 degree F. Often associated with rigor and some redness of the face, Eyes and even of the whole body. Thee is intense pain all over,
Especially marked on the head ( supra-orbital ) , lions and in the eye balls. In a severe case the spine and limbs are stiff and all these make the patient absolutely bedridden in intense agony. Hence the disease is called break-bone fever. But the pain sense is a personal factor, some complaining of it more than others.

The tongue is usually dry and coated and there is anorexia , nausea , vomiting and constipation. The face often looks bloated and the conjunctivae red. Mucous membranes of the mouth and fauces are also injected. Occasionally there is bleeding from nose and gastro intestinal track. The skin is usually hot and dry and hypersensitive.

(b) The Interval : The temperature continue for 3 to 4 days and then drops partially or completely.
The pain and distress or partially relieve. The temperature rises again on the 7 or 8 days to 103 to 105 degree F. with return of the body pain and the characteristic eruption now appear.

(c) The Eruption : These are sometimes scanty and short staying and many pass unnoticed, but in
Other cases more profuse. These are roseolia and at first appear on the dorsal aspect of hands and wrists and quickly spread to the fore arm and upper arms, face and lower limbs. These are minute reddish brown spots, which subsequently coalesce to form big patches, separated by healthy areas somewhat resembling measles rash. These disappear on pressure occasionally the rash may be puncti form, even petechial . These disappear with desquamation and itching may continue for about Ten days. Occasionally there may be bleeding from the nose and alimentary tract.

But some wise doctors however, wants to play safe and insist on regular tests to measure the patients platelet count even if the symptom indicate otherwise. We should not take the tension abruptly, we should underwent the test we wait for the test result for alternative days or after the third day.

Unnecessary tests traumatize the child and should be avoided. These tests are needed only if the viral is non-specific and symptoms indicate dengue. All this fuels the panic and at times the family insist on hospitalization even when there is no need for it. ? Dengue cases are far more and we get so many patient with symptoms of high fever, pain behind the eyes, body ache and rash that we have to convert our pediatric single room to double room.

Even if it is dengue , there is no need to panic. ?Dengue is dangerous in just ONE percent of the cases. In the other 99 per cent of the cases, the fever gets better on its own. Since the platelet count and the total white blood cells (WBC) go down because of other viral infection as well, patient need not take lower than normal counts as the surefire indication of dengue.

We consider a transfusion only if the child starts bleeding from the gums, mouth or nose or the total WBC goes below 1500 (normal is over 4000 ) and platelet count go as low as 15000. In most cases the counts comes up to normal on their own.

Your child need a doctor only if he is bleeding or looking sick and puffy, if he?s up and running after the bout of fever, relax. It was probably just another encounter with common cold.

Homoeopathic Solution

With vomiting : Aconite, Bryonia and Ipecac, Eupatorium Perf.

With Diarrhea : Arsenic Alb. , Eupatorium Perf..

With Eruptions on the Skin And severe body pain Bryonia, Rhus tox and Eupatorium Perf.

With Gastric symptoms : Colocynth and Nux vomica.

With Jaundice : Cinchona, Eupatorium Perf. , Merc. Sol., Nux vom and Podophyllium.

With Hemorrhagic conditions : Arsenic Alb. , Cinchona, Ferrum Met., Hamamelis, Secale Cor. and Acid Sulph.

The Homoeopathic medicine which is indicated to cure the Dengue Fever one Member of the family can be given to other members of the same family, one dose once a day in 200th potency for a week to prevent Dengue.

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