Homeopathy rising in Delhi, India

A large part of the population of Delhi has demonstrated an increasing interest in homoeopathy and benefits from it. To meet out the requirements, Govt. of Delhi is providing free of cost services to populace of Delhi.

Twenty Eight homoeopathic dispensaries were started in 1978 and at present there are 91 homeopathic dispensaries in Delhi, most of these are concentrated in the JJ Clusters and rural areas and also include 17 homoeopathic OPD units in Govt of Delhi Allopathic hospitals.

The work of the dispensaries is being looked after by Chief Medical Officers (Homoeopathy)/ Senior Medical Officers (Homeopathy)/ Medical Officer (Homeopathy), Pharmacists (Homeopathy), Nursing Orderlies and Class-IV employees.

Patients of acute as well as chronic with varied complaints such as GIT disorders, respiratory diseases, fevers, skin diseases, viral infections, asthma and allergic disorders, joint disorders are being treated in these dispensaries.

The number of patients availing this facility has increased from around 11.38 lacs patients in 2001 to 17.91 lacs patients in 2008.

Every year increasing number of new patients are enrolled.

Year New Patients
2001 416232
2002 432247
2003 444174
2004 447690
2005 501351
2006 515308
2007 590339
2008 712719


And, also, we can observe rise in total homeopathic prescriptions made for patients in New Delhi:

Year Total Patients
2001 1137784
2002 1188901
2003 1184444
2004 1157253
2005 1289720
2006 1344597
2007 1539140
2008 1790687


If we compare these statistics with Census done in 2001 and 2011, 10 percent of population of Delhi is benefited with Homeopathy. (Population of Delhi as per Census done in 2001 = 13,782,976 and in 2011 = 16,753,235.)

This is the best evidence that homeopathic treatment trend is rising in Delhi.

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