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There can be one and only one straight line between two points, which is the shortest line between these two extreme points. It is a geometrical fact. Dr. C. S. F. Hahnemann has invented the science of CURE (defined by him in Aphorism 2 of his Organon of Medicine) ? Homoeopathy, which may be termed as the straight line between two points (1) the disease and (2) the CURE. Homoeopathy is the simplest way to annihilate the disease and to achieve the CURE.

We can term the disease, in the simplest word, as personality of the abnormal state of the health of a sick person. On the other hand we can term each homoeopathic medicine as a personality of that particular medicine elicited through its proving on healthy and sensitive persons.

This proposition proves that the humans are the only medium through whom both these personalities (the personality of the disease and the personality of the medicine) can be elicited. Therefore, it is the wisdom of the homoeopathic physician to utilize these two personalities on the basis of their similarity (which is the natural law of CURE) to CURE the suffering humans.

Perhaps all living creatures in the nature have the ability to feel various sensations viz. pain, affection, aversion, hate, anger, etc. etc. But the humans in addition also possess the ability to express properly their feeling and sensations. This ability to express ones feelings and sensations is the main tool which Dr. Hahnemann the inventor of Homoeopathic System of medicine utilized and showed the path to find out the personality of the disease on the one hand and the personality of the medicines on the other by proving of the medicinal substances on healthy persons and thus the homoeopathic Materia Medica was constructed.

As I understood there are three main steps to reach to the accurate and curative prescription (indicated remedy):

1) If the patient is telling/expressing his feelings and sensations in his own language in terms of the location, sensation, modalities and concomitants accurately as he/she is feeling. (The physician must have mastered the art of interrogation so that he could elicit the right and guiding answers from the patient in shortest time.)
2) The homoeopathic physician must be able to follow the patient?s description in the same sense as he has described it.
3) Now the third and equally important point is ? whether the physician is able to translate the patient?s description correctly into the language of the Materia Medica.

Hahnemann explained the same proposition in his own words in Organon, Aphorism 3.

Through the above statement a physician can decide the indicated medicine. But the main and basic question is ? how the CURE is accomplished by a homoeopathic medicine in infinitely small doses? The results of the correct homoeopathic medicines when used according to the Hahnemannian laws are always amazing and wonderful.

It is a fact that the organism or the body is kept alive by some immaterial energy or dynamic force. Hahnemann termed it as Vital force or Dynamis or Autocracy. Indian philosophers termed it as Atma, Prana or Chetna. The Vital force or the Prana is itself solely responsible for the health of the living organism in all states of health i. e.:
1. during the state of perfect health of an individual (as described in Organon Aphorism 9),
2. during the state of sickness i. e. under the influence of a disease/morbid energy,
3. under the influence of a drug.

Since the disease is the result of morbid energy under the effect of which the Vital force becomes disordered and the processes of life become abnormal. These abnormal processes of life are represented in the beginning in the form of morbid sensations and feelings; if this disordered state continues unchecked pathological changes also take place at a later date. Hence the prime duty of the physician is to re-establish order in the Vital force by stimulating it with the help of proper homoeopathic remedy.
Yajurveda, in a mantra says:
Atman hee aushadhi hai????..
(The Vital force is itself the remedy???)
Therefore the simple logic is: if the life force or the Vital force could be stimulated to regain its normal order all the processes of life would become normal again and the ?disease? whatever it may be, would be overcome by the Vi.tal force itself.

When a physician attempts to cure a patient with this motive he really does service to God. There is a Mantra in Atharva Veda:
?Yadaushadham tadamritam, Yadamrtitam tadabrahman.?
Meaning ? ?what is a medicine that is nectar (amrit) and what is nectar that is God (Brahman).?

According to the above mantra of Atharva Veda the physician when serving the sick to cure he is actually serving the GOD.

Experience conforms that the homoeopathic medicines in infinitely small dynamic doses re-establish the normal health again; the homoeopathic medicines have cured, in such minute doses, such diseases which were termed incurable in other systems and even various cases of such diseases for which surgery was thought to be the only alternative were gently cured.

Since the doses of homoeopathic medicines were in dynamic form, hence the proposition is ? they stimulated the Vital Force to regain its original and natural quality and then the Vital Force itself overcomes the disorders, restoring the normal life processes, the pathological, Radiological and the Bacteriological changes gently regain their normal standard values and thus the normal health re-establishes.

Following few cases are presented hereunder to show the dynamic effect of the homoeopathic medicines:

Case 1. A case of Anaesthesia of left arm of more than five years standing. The patient is a lady about 45 years old visited on 27 ? 4 ? 2005. The lady had suffered from an attack of left sided paralysis about 25 years ago. Though she improved under the empirical treatment, but some sequel of the paralysis remained. About five years ago she developed complete anaesthesia and numbness in her whole left arm. Except a feeling of internal burning in whole arm she had no sense of touch or external pressure. The anaesthesia in the arm was so great that she was not feeling any sensation in a large, deep and non-healing wound (about 3 inches in diameter) resembling a wound of deep burn on the left deltoid muscle towards back side caused by application of Infra-red Rays by some physician. The patient neither felt any sensation when the burn occured nor she was feeling any sensation at present. Although she was not feeling any sensation except internal burning in the arm yet she had almost normal grip in her left hand. She was devoid of the sensation of heat and cold or pressure in whole arm from the tip of fingers to the shoulder.

She also had a large induration on the back side of the left wrist.

Under the effect of homoeopathic medicine, first of all, the wound on the back side of left deltoid completely healed up within two months

Slowly the sensation in the skin of the arm and later in the finger tips started returning back and now after one year she has regained normal degree of feeling in whole of her arm and fingers i. e. the anaesthesia has gone.

During this period of one year the following medicines were used singly and at long intervals as the symptoms demanded:
Rhus tox 200, 1M and 10M.
Causticum 1M and
Arsenicum album 200 and 1M.

Nothing was used externally.

Case 2. This is a case of depression, asthma and formication all over the body especially in the limbs. The patient is a 49 years old senior P. M. S. medical officer posted at a remote hilly area. Due to unavoidable circumstances he has to live alone, away from his family for a long time. First consultation: on 2 ? 6 ? 2005.

For the past 10 ? 12 years he is suffering from asthmatic attacks which aggravate during rainy season.

For the past 5 ? 6 years suffering from great formication especially in lower limbs, which is very distressing. He was also suffering from lot of depression. He is a worried lot. Used to smoke a lot and drinks tea often when depressed. Sleeplessness.

As he is posted at a hospital in a remote hilly place and lives alone, away from his family, as such he was very careless about his meals. By the dynamic doses of homoeopathic medicines he stared feeling improvement in a short time and now after about a year he is a changed person. During treatment, simultaneously, he was advised to regularize his mode of living and he followed the advice. His depression, formication and breathing trouble, all got improved, to a great extent. It is expected that he will remain so. If he does not get relapse for at least two years, that will mean that he has been cured.

The following remedies were used singly and infrequently as symptoms demanded:
Arsenicum alb. 200,
Agaricus muscarius 200,
Nux vomica 200 and later 1M.

Case No. 3. Patient a boy 13 years old was suffering from stricture of urethra for about past three years. He was brought to my clinic on 28 ? 12 ? 2005.

The ultra sound scan on 4 ? 3 ? 2005 shows:
Suggestive of chronic bladder outlet obstruction with bilateral mild hydronephrosis.

History of polio in childhood.

The symptoms of the boy were as follows on 28 ? 12 ? 2005:
? On feeling urging to urinate has to hasten to attend the urging.
? The flow of urine was not free.
? Involuntary dribbling of urine.
? No pain of any kind in urethra or bladder.
? Offensive odor in urine perceived even while passing urine.
? Feels pain in knees during cold season.

He has been under allopathic treatment for the past three years. But there was no lasting effect by the treatment.

The boy and his parents were a distressed lot and were very much worried.

On the basis of above symptoms and offensive odor in his urine Benzoicum acidum was selected, and was given in 200 potency at long interval, and in a short time the boy started feeling improvement; and gradually the dribbling of urine stopped, the flow of urine became normal and the offensive odor of urine vanished.

Case No. 4. A lady aged 48 years old visited my clinic on 19 ? 9 ? 2005. She told that she herself is a doctor presently employed in Military Hospital as Colonel.

For the past two years she had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

? She used to feel pain in all her joint.
? Pains are worse in damp and cold weather.
? All the joints become stiff during rest.
? Pains aggravate on beginning to move.
? Feels better by application of heat.
? All other functions were normal. Only the pains were a distress.

Past history ? On enquiry she told that the trouble (pains) commenced while she was posted at Ladakh and Leh where she had to discharge her duty in extreme cold weather. There in winter the atmospheric temperature goes down to ? 30 degrees to – 50 degrees Celsius, as such she was constantly exposed to extreme cold during her stay at Ldakh.

Though she has been taking her empirical treatment throughout these years but the pains persisting rather getting more and more worse. Aconitum napellus 200 improved her so much within one and half months that she got busy with her hospital duty and did not feel to take more doses.

Case No. 5: A case of severe anxiety and depression. Patient 66 years old.
First consultation 9 ? 8 ? 2001 his symptom picture was as follows:
? Severe anxiety.
? Intense fear of suffocation, desire to run out in open.
? Fear of death.
? Warm sweating on forehead, perspiration profuse, even immediately after taking bath.
? Hyperacidity. Pain at epigastrium.
? Heaviness in chest.
? Breathlessness ? sense of suffocation < after 7 a. m.
? Appetite lost.
? Sleeplessness.
? Heaviness in left side of head, ear and eye.
? Heat in palms of hands and soles of feet.
? He is also suffering from hypertension.

On working out the case I found Aconitum napellus to be the most similar medicine; and Aconitum napellus in 200 and later in 1M potency in a few minute doses cured the patient in less than one and half months.

The patient had some relapse in the month of September 2005, whence he again restored to normal mental health in a short time by the same medicine.

These cases are only few examples from numerous cases of varied kinds encountered during my forty years of homoeopathic practice kept in store.

Nothing physical or physiological was used except the dynamic doses as mentioned in the above cases. In whichever case whether it is acute, chronic and even in cases of cancer when proper dynamic remedy is used the patient gets CURED and even in terminal cases where cure is no more possible the patient improves and feels better, i. e. life becomes easier and prolonged. Past experience has proved this time and again.

It proves that the dynamic doses simply stimulate the vital force to regain its normal state which in turn again establishes the processes of life to normalcy i. e. normal health.

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