Vital Force in terms of Indian Mythology

In Homoeopathy, the concept of Vital Force is most important. If a homoeopathic physician has clear concept of the Vital Force, it is my belief that he will perform his duty as a preserver of health with greatest zeal, and the importance of SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR and the single, simple and minimum will become very clear to him. In that case he will not be liable to be tempted by the attractive combinations and shortcut formulas.

Homoeopathy has the answer to emergencies

It is the misconception in the minds of general public (sometimes physicians too) that homoeopathic medicines are for warts, skin allergies, common cold/cough only. Whereas homoeopathic system is a complete system of therapeutics having no limitation. Limitation lie with the physician who practices it not in the system. Its approach is hundred percent scientific, humanistic& wholistic (holistic too).

Homeopathy :: Homoeopathy explained

Homeopathy is big news these days. During the last twenty years the number of people using homeopathy has increased significantly. Many people are turning to this branch of natural medicine and finding it a most effective alternative to treatment with conventional drugs and medicines. Despite this, there are still far too many myths and misunderstandings about the science and the way it works. Dr. Raaj Swetta sets the record straight on this ancient form of healing.

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