Homoeopathy has the answer to emergencies

It is the misconception in the minds of general public (sometimes physicians too) that homoeopathic medicines are for warts, skin allergies, common cold/cough only. Whereas homoeopathic system is a complete system of therapeutics having no limitation. Limitation lie with the physician who practices it not in the system. Its approach is hundred percent scientific, humanistic& wholistic (holistic too).

I am citing few of emergency cases from my files being better managed with homoeopathic medicines only that too with single remedy minimum dose. One of the senior doctor’s (from multi-speciality hospital of Chandigarh) assumptions was that if every homeopath’s approach is like this (classical) what will be the fate of multi-crore rupee projects/ hospitals/super specialist centers.

CASE 1: A small child of age less than one year was brought to me for the treatment of burns due to strong nitric acid, which fell on him accidentally while crawling. All the cloths, skin of thigh, face, arms etc were burnt. He was crying like anything due to burning pain. After removing the acid with hot soap water, plain paraffin applied on the wounds. Few doses of MERC SOL were given to the child in LM potency. Acute pain subsided after few minutes and the child recovered after one month or so. (Basis of prescription was; hyperactive child, nondilident, thirsty, restlessness)

CASE 2: My younger son Vipul, when he was just two years, had acute P.U.O. I did not give any medicine for one or two days, since one is to respect body’s own healing power. His condition deteriorated further. My wife told me to do something. I called a pathologist friend of mine for blood testing. His wife is a Pediatrician gold medallist. She also rechecked the child & his reports. His Hb was9 gm%, TLC-1400, DLC N-02, P-93, E-03, M-02.All my friends allopaths as well as homoeopaths advised me to take my son to a big allopathic institute at Ludhiana since he is in a grave condition. But my wife and me refused their suggestions/pressures. I prescribed a dose of OPIUM30 at 22 o’clock to my son at his acute condition (Dullness, sleepy, hot, thirsty, contentment). At that time his body temp was 106F.Cold sponging was also done on his body for more than one hour. Few hours after giving the dose his temp rose a bit but asked for food at 05 O’clock (which was a very good sign).

By next day (Vipul) was alright and playing with his tricycle in the courtyard. The same pathologist re-examined his blood after 24,48,100 hours duration. To his surprise every report showed improvement in blood chemistry too in addition to generals (of course physicals too).

CASE 3: In the month of Jan 2003 my mother had an acute heart attack at about 3 o’clock. At that time her pulse had almost diminished, BP 210/140.She was in a condition of shock (due to the death of my elder brother. I gave her a dose of Aconite 1M on suddenness of complaints, restless, anxiety, thirsty. Could not differentiate between hot/ chilly, though constitutionally she is hot. Within few minutes her pulse became palpable and she gained conscious. By this time she was able to talk. Her BP remained the same .Now I have to change her prescription to ARS ALB 1M on restless, anxiety, thirsty for sips of cold water. To my surprise and other family members (who were forcing me to shift her to hospital, cardiologist) her BP was 160/100 & she asked for tea. Her condition became almost normal after few hrs. She slept well. By the evening her BP was normal and other vital signs also. Thanks to homoeopathy, which saved my mother so quickly and safely.

CASE 4: One more case worth mentioning here is of a lady of 32 yrs having severe attack of migraine, acute epigastric pain with vomitings. Her husband brought her to me at about 12 o’clock. She was very restless, weeping due to agonizing pain. It was Sunday& I had to go for CME. Few doctors were waiting for me to go with me. I just touched her forehead, hands which were cold. She was thirst less at that time. I gave her a dose of ARS ALB1M and admitted her in my IPD. Within few minutes she slept so sound that the doctors who came to me for CME asked me if I had given her an injection of Fortwin/Pathedin.

These are only few examples of number of such casualties one comes across during his practice. Homoeopathy never fails may it be any acute emergency or any so called incurable illness; it is only homoeopath himself who fails. If one follows the cardinal principles of this science in letter and spirit, success is bound to be there.

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