Asthma :: Breastfed babies breathe better, except when mom has asthma

When it comes to feeding babies, the old adage “breast is best” certainly holds true, with breastfed babies having less diarrhea and fewer ear infections and incidents of wheezing in early life. However, the positive effects of infant feeding on lung function may not hold true for children of asthmatic mothers.

Allergy :: Halloween tips to an allergy free Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and millions of children are preparing to sport their ghost and vampire costumes for school parties and a night of trick-or-treating. However, for children who suffer from severe food allergies, Halloween is a time where extra precaution must be taken.

Flu :: No Vacation for Flu Virus

It’s almost flu season, so keep washing your hands and get a flu shot. But no matter how well we prepare, the virus stays one step ahead. Researchers now think that’s because the flu virus doesn’t vacation—it remains on duty throughout the year, traveling the globe and mixing with other strains.

Asthma :: Household cleaning & spray cleaners linked to asthma

Household cleaning and home spray cleaners increase the risk of developing asthma by more than fifty percent, revealed by European researchers, first to investigate the effects of cleaning products on occasional users rather than occupational users, in a new study in Europe.

Allergy :: Animal food allergens unmasked

The relatedness of an animal food protein to a human protein determines whether it can cause allergy, according to new research by scientists from the Institute of Food Research in Norwich and the Medical University of Vienna.