Diabetes :: Diabetic great toe – Arsenic Album

Mr. A.H.Q., aged 70 years, came with the great toe amputation at South Africa of his right foot with the H/O Cardiac By-pass Surgery. The Cardiac by-pass Surgery was done as preparation for the amputation of the great toes and finally go for B/K amputation. In fact the blood circulation was poor all over.

Haemorrhoids – Arsenic

London, 1835. – Mrs. L., whose accouchement had taken place fifteen days previously, was attacked by violent burning sensations in some haemorrhoidal swellings; the pain being great enough to render sleep almost impossible for many nights. She was in other respects perfectly well. I had therefore only to treat an affection recent and well defined.

Cancer :: CA Cervix – Cadmium Sulph

A female patient aged 60 yrs., suffering from CA cervix had undergone chemotherapy and 17 sittings of radiotherapy. She had to undergo 24 sittings but was now suffering from loose motions, intense burning and gripping in stomach and weakness. She was passing greenish, offensive stool 10-12 times a day and was so weak that she could hardly stand. Afternoon was the worse time for her. Her countenance expressed gloom and emaciation. She was vomiting out the little drinks of cold water she was frequently taking throughout the day and was also suffering from sleeplessness.

Homeopathy :: Patients not seen but prescribed

I work in a charitable hospital where there are four different cabins of doctors serving Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy and eyes specialization. It is a normal practice with patients to report personally for taking medicines in all these faculties but it is abnormal if some one comes with the request that he needs medicine for the patient at home.

Paroxysmal Asthma – Senega

During Sept. 1900, I was called to a lady 50 years of age, suffering from paroxysmal asthma. She had been suffering for over a month, at times very severely, but this paroxysm was worst of all.

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