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A female patient aged 60 yrs., suffering from CA cervix had undergone chemotherapy and 17 sittings of radiotherapy. She had to undergo 24 sittings but was now suffering from loose motions, intense burning and gripping in stomach and weakness. She was passing greenish, offensive stool 10-12 times a day and was so weak that she could hardly stand. Afternoon was the worse time for her. Her countenance expressed gloom and emaciation. She was vomiting out the little drinks of cold water she was frequently taking throughout the day and was also suffering from sleeplessness.

The patient had been leading an active and social life till the marriage of her only daughter about a year back to a boy settled in Germany and so less known to them. Her son-in-law turned out to be a bad person and thus passed 7-8 months of mental torture when mother could do nothing to help her daughter who was trying for divorce in Germany. This was the time when she noticed little spots of blood in her clothes and consulted the doctor who detected some growth in her cervix and advised her to undergo FNAC which revealed CA cervix.

When she came to me, I started giving her Ars. Alb 6 based on intense weakness and emaciation, cadaverous stool, burning and cutting pain, craving for little drinks of water frequently and vomiting it up later. There was only slight relief in the number of motions and the burning pain, so I consulted Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal, who suggested Cadmium sulph. Studying Cadmium sulph from various books I was amazed that how well it fitted the patient’s condition and how much similar it was to Arsenic.

Allen’s Encyclopaedia-
Gen.: Weakness after vomiting. Aggravation of symptoms after grief.
Mind & Head: Horror of solitude.
Eyes: Hollow, surrounded by blue circles.
Face: Grayish, countenance gloomy.
Stomach: Vomiting of food, bile and mucus, of acid matter with cold sweat and gripping, cutting at umbilicus with urging to stool; burning. Aggravation of symptoms in forenoon.
Lower extremities: Cramps in legs with trembling. Heaviness.

Boger’s synoptic key
Craves little drinks of cold water, which are vomited at once.

Rancid belching, burning, cutting in stomach, gripping in lower part of bowels.

Lippe’s keynotes-
Very low forms of disease with exhaustion, vomiting,, and extreme prostration which run deathward.
Chilliness and coldness, cold sweat on face.
Stools: Gelatinous, yellowish- green, bloody, black, offensive, semi-fluid.
Protracted sleeplessness.

All the above complaints the patient was suffering from at the moment. A few days back, Dr. L.M.Khan had taught Cadmium sulph was good for the bad effects of radiotherapy.

9 doses of Cadmium sulph 30, 3 doses daily, lead to relief in the burning, cutting pains, cadaverous smell of stool, number and character of stool, weakness, heaviness of legs. Patient continued treatment for 3 weeks with slow and steady improvement, after which she chose to continue her radiotherapy.

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