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I would like to share a case of Bacillinum which, I saw under Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal. A tall, fair, dark haired female of 44 years came with complaints of fever for 7 months. The fever started after she took hormonal treatment for menorrhagia. It was a low-grade fever, never more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The fever paroxysm used to come suddenly with headache, weakness, trembling in legs so that she could not stand, and wanted to lie down. The fever came down with sweat.
Her appetite decreased but she could not tolerate hunger.
She had desire for sweets and milk (+++).
There was no weight loss.
All her investigations were normal but she was put on Anti-Tubercular Treatment.
She had a H/o frequent urinary tract infections and had a tendency to catch cold frequently.
There was a history of same type of fever 1-year back which lasted for 1-1/2 months.
H/o Tuberculosis 5 years back.

Bacillinum 30/ 1 dose was prescribed.

Basis of prescription:
* Tubercular diathesis and background.
* The symptom picture was that of tuberculosis but the investigations were negative.

Follow up:

After taking the medicine, the patient developed high fever (102 degrees Fahrenheit) for 2 days for which she took antibiotics. Though her temperature came back to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, she complained of a constant sensation of weight in the rectum causing ineffectual urge to pass stool.
She was now prescribed Nux vomica LM1 for a week after which her condition returned to the same as was seen on the first day.
She was again prescribed Bacillinum 30 single dose followed by placebo.
After a week, she started experiencing pain in chest (right side), pain in right arm and left leg, nausea at the smell of food; the same symptoms which she experienced 5 years back when she had Tuberculosis.
On consultation she was again prescribed placebo.
Gradually, within 2-3 weeks she started improving. Her general condition improved, her appetite increased, the fever subsided, and the temperature returned to normal.
Weakness and headache were better but persistent
Re-casetaking was done, where the following new symptoms came out:

During headache, pain starts above the left eyebrow and then spreads to the whole head. Headache associated with nausea.

Cannot tolerate hunger, empty sinking sensation in the abdomen.

During period, she had pain in lower abdomen and groin with sensation of pulling down, must stand or sit and support the area.

Wants to work and remain busy all the time.

Weeps easily.

Sepia LM1 was prescribed.
The patient is still under treatment with improvement of all her complaints.

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