Haemorrhoids – Arsenic

London, 1835. – Mrs. L., whose accouchement had taken place fifteen days previously, was attacked by violent burning sensations in some haemorrhoidal swellings; the pain being great enough to render sleep almost impossible for many nights. She was in other respects perfectly well. I had therefore only to treat an affection recent and well defined.

Arsenic having the power to provoke the appearance of haemorrhoidal swellings, with burning pains, – was the remedy most suitable. A single globule of Arsenic , at the thirtieth dilution, was administered in the evening. The same night, the pains have become calmer; and they disappeared in the course of the following days.

Since that time, they have caused no more inconvenience.

It was easy to foresee that this immediate cure will by some be attributed to chance. I do not know how many physicians can cite a case of very painful haemorrhoids dispersing between one day and another. – In cases of chronic piles, a cure is not affected so quickly as we may readily suppose. If, however, the malady is simple, homoeopathy ever triumphs speedily.

By Dr. P. F. Curie, M. D.

(Source: Rayaz Jagani)

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