Special arrangements for voters with disability

Special arrangements for voters with disability have been made to facilitate their access to exercise their franchise for Lok Sabha polls on the 10 of next month in the capital. Addresing media in New Delhi today, Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi Vijay Dev said a training session for voters and electoral officials will be launched … Read more

Indian Army got Brahmos supersonic cruise missiles

The Indian Army got the second regiment of indigenously produced Brahmos supersonic cruise missiles, yesterday. Artillery chief said the Brahmos system has emerged as the most reliable system for the armed forces.

The second BrahMos cruise missile regiment of ground systems with mobile launchers, command post, replenishment systems, fire-control systems with sophisticated electronic hardware and software and multiple communication systems was delivered to the Army on Wednesday.

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Telemedicine :: Telemedicine publication expands coverage

Telemedicine and e-Health, a publication available in print and on-line by Mary Ann Liebert Inc., publishers (www.liebertpub.com) will greatly expand its content and frequency beginning in 2008; a new section, MEDICAL CONNECTIVITY will make its debut in the March issue.

Genome :: Genome update defines landscape of breast and colon cancers

One year after completing the first large-scale report sequencing breast and colon cancer genes, Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center scientists have studied the vast majority of protein-coding genes which now suggest a landscape dominated by genes that each are mutated in relatively few cancers.

Orthopedic :: Ossur leading orthopedic pioneer expands network to Asia

Ossur, a leading provider of noninvasive orthopedic products and services, today announced the inauguration of its Asia Pacific operations in Shanghai, China. Ossur, renowned for its pioneering work in lower-limb prosthetics and a comprehensive range of braces and supports, established its China office as the regional headquarters catering to customers not just in China but across Asia including Japan, South Korea and Australia.

Bird Flu :: New field-deployable biosensor detects avian influenza virus in minutes instead of days

Quick identification of avian influenza infection in poultry is critical to controlling outbreaks, but current detection methods can require several days to produce results. A new biosensor developed at the Georgia Tech Research Institute can detect avian influenza in just minutes. In addition to being a rapid test, the biosensor is economical, field-deployable, sensitive to different viral strains and requires no labels or reagents.

Sperm :: Primate sperm competition – speed matters

Researchers at UC San Diego and UC Irvine have found evidence that supports the theory that reproductive competition during the evolution of primate species has occurred at the level of sperm cell motility.

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