Medscapeindia Award to Hompath’s Dr. Jawahar Shah

16th June, 2012 was yet another benchmark date for Dr. Jawahar Shah and Mind Technologies. Dr. Shah became the proud recipient of the Medscapeindia Award for the year 2012 for exemplary service in the field of homoeopathy.

The Medscapeindia Foundation was established in the year 2010 with a definite objective of unifying the medical fraternity and address medical priorities. 2 years after being established as a medical foundation of considerable merit, they decided to honour the best men and women in the medical community.

Dr. Jawahar Shah was conferred with this award, chosen amongst thousands of homoeopathic physicians across India for his unique contributions to homoeopathic education and training, and for his innovations in the field of homoeopathic software. He received the honour from Dr. Neeraj Dube and Dr. Mansukh Mehta, in presence of more than 1000 doctors and dignitaries from various systems of medicine.

A homoeopath par excellence, an academician, technocrat, educationist and innovator, Dr. Jawahar Shah pioneered homoeopathic software in India with the creation of Hompath. Today, he has successfully created the 11th version of Hompath having the world’s largest database, in various avatars. He has a thriving practice in Mumbai since the past 30 years, and has lectured at, as well as organized more than 500 national and international seminars in 22 countries.

His enthusiasm for invention and progress is obvious as he gears up for the launch of the world’s first mobile application on Clinical Tips in Homoeopathy.

When quizzed about his latest achievement, he says “I am honoured to receive this award. I believe that learning is a continuous process. At my age too, I believe that one should never stop learning. Because as we learn more and more, we are able to break our own prejudices and move on to further challenges and finally success. I still have a lot more to achieve and I appreciate the encouragement I have got with this award.”

The Awards ceremony was held at the Birla Matoshree Sabhagraha at Marine Lines Mumbai, and many distinguished celebrities as well as medical dignitaries were part of this mega event.

The Medscapeindia Award for excellence and innovation in the field of homoeopathy is yet another addition to his success story and illustrious career.

Hompath has successfully completed the creation of the world’s first Mobile application on Clinical Tips in homoeopathy. This is unique software, which promises to revolutionise your clinical practice. Now, prescribe from anywhere with the help of these quick references, easily categorized for your convenience! The Clinical Tips application will soon be made available as a FREE DOWNLOAD!

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