Medscapeindia Award to Hompath’s Dr. Jawahar Shah

16th June, 2012 was yet another benchmark date for Dr. Jawahar Shah and Mind Technologies. Dr. Shah became the proud recipient of the Medscapeindia Award for the year 2012 for exemplary service in the field of homoeopathy.

Vitiligo :: Efficacy of Homoeopathic Drugs in cases of Leucoderma – Vitiligo

Six hundred and ninety five (695) patients suffering from leucoderma were registered for treatment at Gaurang Clinic & Centre for Homoeopathic Research, Lucknow from April 1996 to March 2001 out of which a total of five hundred and sixty (560) patients were available for proper follow up of treatment and analysis to assess the percent response by treatment with homoeopathic drugs.

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