Asthma :: Sycotic constitution – Asthma – Arsenic Alb & Medorrhinum

Ms. PS 20 years Female presented with asthma for the last 10 years characterized by recurrence every year in winters, < before midnight, afternoon, lying on back, change of season, dust, smoke, odors, perfumes, flowers, talcum powder, exertion and > by sitting up.

Other characteristics were: Sensitive, desires company, consolation ameliorates, fastidious, fearful and nervous before examinations, ambitious, and disposed to weep with anger.

Thirsty. Desires sweets, ice cream, eggs, chicken, cheese, fish, salt, spicy, pickles, fried and cold drinks. Stools hard.

Family history: Uncle and aunt had bronchial asthma

Treatment plan:

She was prescribed Arsenic album LM1, LM2, and LM 3 for a period of two months with partial relief in her complaints.

During the treatment it became apparent that she had anticipatory aggravations particularly before examinations.

Knowing the sycotic nature of the case, she was prescribed Medorrhinum LM1, LM2, LM3 and LM4 potencies for a period of six months with complete relief in her asthma.

There is no recurrence till now and case is still under follow up.

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