Oral Health :: Wrigley sugarfree chewing gums Orbit, Extra, and Eclipse got ADA Seal of Acceptance

After a rigorous review process, the American Dental Association (ADA) Council on Scientific Affairs has awarded the ADA Seal of Acceptance to Wrigley sugarfree chewing gums Orbit, Extra, and Eclipse, because they are clinically shown to help prevent cavities, reduce plaque acid and strengthen teeth.

Children :: Increase in Percentage of Children Living With At Least One Working Parent

Compared to national statistics for the previous year, there has been an increase in the percentage of children living with at least one working parent and the percentage of children living in households classified as food insecure has declined. High school students were more likely to have taken advanced academic courses and the percentage of young adults who completed high school has increased. The adolescent birth rate has dropped to a record low.

Dental :: Columbia dentists to improve oral health in sub-Saharan Africa

A new initiative from Columbia University Medical Center will be the first to target chronic oral health problems in sub-Saharan Africa, where the vast majority of chronic diseases are left undetected and untreated. The initiative is the result of an anonymous $1.5 million gift to support the Millennium Villages, which aims to fight extreme poverty and related challenges such as disease, hunger and lack of access to water and sanitation though scientifically sound and sustainable interventions. A third of the gift will be devoted to supporting the oral health program.

Dental :: Gum disease in postmenopausal women linked to oral bone loss

A study conducted in a large sample of postmenopausal women by University at Buffalo epidemiologists has provided new information on the prevalence of certain gum-disease-causing oral bacteria in this population and the association of the bacteria with oral bone loss.