Ageing :: More GP And Other Services For Aged Care Residents

The Commonwealth Government is to commit $92.9 million over the next four years so that older Australians in aged care homes get better medical treatment.

Many people being looked after in aged care homes are sick and frail, and need regular and complex medical attention. This new initiative will improve the quality of their care.

The Minister for Ageing, Christopher Pyne, said that GPs have a central role in providing care to residents living in aged care homes.

?This Budget seeks to increase the number of GP visits made to older Australians living in aged care facilities,? Mr Pyne said.

?We are also expanding existing arrangements so that residents will have access to allied health professionals, by including them in the successful Aged Care GP Panels Initiative.

?This will include physiotherapists, dietitians and oral health professionals whose work will help both in the prevention and the management of many long-term conditions associated with ageing.?

Since 1 July 2004, the Government has allocated $33.4 million on Aged Care GP Panels to provide better medical care and support to residents of aged care facilities.

This latest Budget measure will continue this trend, by providing an additional 95,000 GP services to older Australians in aged care facilities.

This measure will encourage GPs to see more patients in aged care facilities through increases in Medicare rebates of up to $18 for GP attendances in aged care facilities and $17.55 for GP contributions to care plans.

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