Dental :: BDA response to British Medical Journal paper on water fluoridation

Responding to the publication of an analysis paper on water fluoridation in the British Medical Journal today, Professor Damien Walmsley, Scientific Adviser to the British Dental Association, said:

“Fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay and has made a major contribution to the improvement to the nation’s oral health witnessed during the last 30 years. Despite that improvement, there are still too many areas where the population suffer poor oral health. These areas are often socially deprived. Targeted fluoridation of water can help break that link between social deprivation and poor oral health.

“Following a change to legislation in 2003, communities now have the right to decide for themselves whether they wish to have fluoride added to their water supplies. This paper is a reminder of the importance of local consultations being properly informed. The BDA supports the call for constructive engagement in those consultations.”

The BDA was one of a number of organisations that campaigned for the change to the 2003 Water Bill that has given communities the right to decide for themselves whether they wish their water supplies to be fluoridated.

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