Dental :: The budget is a mixed bag for dentistry – British Dental Association

The Chancellor’s budget prompted a mixed reception from the British Dental Association, with a question mark still hanging over the future of dental funding.

Though the Chancellor announced a ?8bn increase in investment in the NHS this year, there is still no indication on the impact this will have on dentistry.

There is also concern that the increase of the tax rate on small companies will reduce the funding available for investment for dental practices that have incorporated.

But the Chancellor’s announcement yesterday of 100% relief for capital investment of up to ?50,000 for small firms has been greeted as a positive step as the BDA has been calling for 100% capital allowances for investment by dental practices in cross infection control equipment and related training of personnel.

The reduction of VAT on nicotine patches from 17.5% to 5% was another positive measure.

“It’s imperative that dentistry gets its fair share of any increased spending on the NHS. Dentistry’s share of NHS spend continues to fall and this summer’s comprehensive spending review provides an ideal opportunity to address this decline,” said Peter Ward, Chief Executive of the British Dental Association.

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