Dental :: BDA, UK challenges Welsh Assembly to address problems facing dentistry

The British Dental Association (BDA) has today challenged those standing for election to the National Assembly for Wales to solve the problems facing dentistry in the country. Included in the BDA Wales 2007 manifesto for dentistry, which is launched today, are calls for free check ups for under 25s and over 60s to be restored, increased funding to help those in rural areas access NHS dentistry and action to ensure Wales has enough dentists.

The manifesto also calls for the development and implementation of an oral health action plan to promote and improve good oral health. Wales is the only country in the UK not to have such a plan.

Stuart Geddes, BDA Director for Wales, said:

?Dentistry in Wales has undergone fundamental reform in the last twelve months. The Welsh Assembly Government has itself acknowledged that approximately 74,000 former patients have lost access to NHS dentistry since the reforms were implemented.

?Dentists and patients alike are facing significant problems accessing NHS dentistry in Wales. It?s clear that an urgent and thorough review of the reforms is required.?

The manifesto also urges those elected to the Welsh Assembly to support measures that bring teeth into contact with fluoride and provide assurances about funding for dental services in Wales beyond the end of ring-fenced funding in 2009.

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