Gluten Allergy :: Mesa Sunrise Flakes breakfast cereal recalled

Community Foods Ltd is recalling a batch of Nature?s Path ?gluten free? Organic Mesa Sunrise Flakes breakfast cereal (300g box) because the food contains high levels of gluten. This makes it unsafe for people who are intolerant to gluten – gluten allergy. The Food Standards Agency has issued an Allergy Alert.

High Fat Diet :: High fat breakfast or meal may increase stress

So much for the adage, ‘All things in moderation.’ Researchers at the University of Calgary have found that people who consume a single, high-fat meal are more prone to suffer the physical consequences of stress than those who eat a low-fat meal.

Vitamin B :: Folate and B12 may influence cognition in seniors

Folate may protect cognition in seniors, but only with adequate levels of vitamin B12. In an epidemiological study, low B-vitamin status was associated with anemia and cognitive impairment. Low vitamin B12 status was especially linked to these conditions if seniors also had high folate in the blood.

Obesity :: Natural fibre may take extra pounds away

A natural fibre already found in many food products could be an important new weapon in the war against obesity, according to University of Calgary researchers beginning the first human study of the product.

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