Touch tracking bypasses mind control

For people unable to simultaneously rub their stomach while patting their head, a new twist may be at hand. Touch, rather than concentration, could let people multi-task with their hands, and this may also potentially help improve the performance of people with coordination problems, according to psychologists.

Backache :: Backache beaten by good vibrations?

University of Manchester researchers are recruiting people with backache caused by nerve root pain — commonly known as sciatica — in the first ever study to discover if therapeutic ultrasound can help their condition.

Obesity :: 28% Delhi overweight children need to learn healthy lifestyle

More than 28 percent schoolchildren in Delhi have been found to be overweight or obese with one-fourth of them at a risk of getting diabetes. Thirty schools in three cities – Delhi, Jaipur and Agra – are participating in a major intervention programme by the Diabetes Foundation of India to teach students healthy dietary and lifestyle practices to prevent diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart disorders.

HIV :: HIV/AIDS Lipoatrophy – Facial Wasting

Individuals living with HIV and AIDS may not only have to deal with the threat of illness but the toll of illness. All that is required to stay healthy and alive can leave an everlasting mark! I’m referring to the loss of subcutaneous fat from the face, commonly referred to as facial wasting or Lipoatrophy.

HIV :: Out & Proud – Vancouver Pride Parade, 2004

With a record attendance, 150,000 people lined Denman Street and Beach Avenue along side English Bay in downtown Vancouver?s West End. This year?s parade was the most upbeat and colorful Pride Parade ever held in Vancouver and it is the third largest in Canada, after Montreal and Toronto.

If Hahnemann Were Alive Today!

We all know Dr. Samuel Hahnemann as the founder of Homoeopathic System of Medicine. The whole concept of homoeopathy is based on the laws and doctrines propounded by him namely the Law of Similars, Minimum Dose, and Single Remedy, the doctrine of Potentisation, doctrine of Vital Force, Drug Proving, Individualisation and Miasms.

If Hahnemann Were Alive Today!

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