Hypertension :: Natrum Mur & Lycopodium in Hypertension

Mr. H.P. 41 yrs. old Exporter consulted me for known Hypertension for the last 4 -5 years. He was on various Antihypertensive drugs time to time. His BP was 190/120 mm of Hg. Main complaints were Feeling of Weakness, Tendency for Loose Stools, Occasional Burning Micturition with Excessive Sweating all over the body and Disturbed Sleep.

Has two daughters, Son died soon after birth.

Sensitive++, Brooding+++, Suppresses his Anger and emotions ++, Worried nature++ with Fear of Future.

X- Ray Chest NAD, Hb- 15.7 gm%, ESR-6mm, TLC-9900, P74,L25,E1 Serum Cholesterol – 260 ng/dl, Triglycerides – 800 ng/, S. Uric acid – 7.8, BUN -16. and Urine Exam. revealed Cal. Oxalate Crystals +++, ECG – WNL

Patient was given Nat. Mur 200 C / 3 doses at the interval of 15 minutes followed by Kali Phos 6x tds for 2 weeks.

Patient reported feeling better in next visit the BP was 140/90 mm of Hg. Sleep better, No episode of acute headache. Pain in the legs.

Further he told me that in the past he had been passing small tiny stones off and on.

He was prescribed Lyco 200 /1 dose followed by S/L for another 2 weeks.

Patient reported feeling much better BP was 136/88 mm of Hg. NO more sleep disturbance, No more headaches. Occasional pain in the Knee joints.

Nothing significant reported in subsequent visits and the Bp recorded 132/84 to 130/80 mm of Hg. S. cholesterol 218 ng/dl, Triglycerides 227 ng/dl and Uric Acid 7.3 mg/dl.

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