Diabetes – Lycopodium

The other day an experienced and famous homoeopath was sitting by my side when a patient walked in and asked: “Doctor, do you have treatment for diabetes?”

Myself: “Yes, I do… tell me your symptoms”

Patient: “Diabetes… see my hand (feel my pulse) and give medicine…”

[The tone of the patient was similar to that of a king or emperor who, when he wants a work to be done, will make noise by clapping his hands and as soon an attendant or soldier comes and bows, the king will command ‘Go and bring that man’s head by this evening.’ In other words, the tone of the patient was ‘imperious.’]

Upon this, the doctor who was by my side started blaming patients coming to homoeopaths. He said to me, “Oh! see, these patients do not tell their symptoms; how can we make a prescription?” I smiled to myself, and taking Dr. Calvin B. Knerr’s Repertory I turned the pages under the chapter MIND (page 19) and showed the following to him:

Answers imperiously: Lyc.

A symptom need not necessarily be one about diabetes. Mental symptom does not mean that the patient should start telling. “Doctor, I have terrific fear..” or “I had mental shock a year ago..”

The mere attitude of the patient (as observed by you) may in itself become a symptom.

The above said doctor immediately asked me whether Lycopodium is good for diabetes.

He failed to understand that I translated the patient’s tone into a mental symptom.

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  1. hello ihave diabet range about 140-220 with medicine itake one newbet and one metfomin at morning and one medformin at night please help me how can i control my diabet with homeophty. thankyou


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